Thursday, April 17, 2014

Go Lori!

We haven't seen Lori around Team R.E.D. a lot lately, and it's largely because she's preparing for a brand new challenge.  She's competing as a Body Builder in May!

Check out this interview with Chad Austin, Be Fit for Life...  Lori starts at about the 14:45 mark... she has great references to all areas of fitness.  Listen to the entire interview and you'll learn a lot about what pushes her... yet the spot you might most like starts about the 32:20 spot, where she soon references Team R.E.D. (and Tom O' with a great physique - at least that's how I heard it!)

Looking forward to seeing you all tonight at Eagles Club!  It's a great thing that Erin is involved with... and great that we can support it!

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