Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nice Work!

The week is off to a strong start.... let's keep it rolling!

Congratulations to Team R.E.D. members Amy, Dan and Laura as their son (brother in Laura's case) set the Byron School record in Pole Vault on Tuesday evening!   The meet was electric, with people gathering around as the bar went higher and higher.  The rhythmic clapping was a nice touch too!   Robert should get some of the credit for clearing 14' as he did the actual vaulting, but he owes most of it to Laura for being a great mentor I'm sure!

The Monday Maniacs had about a dozen hearty runners out on that windy evening.  All reported it wasn't all too bad.  Get outside... it's Spring!

The Tuesday Trail crew found themselves running the country roads to avoid some ice on the trail.   That ice will hopefully ALL BE GONE! by this weekend.
Tuesday Trail Crew!
One Team R.E.D. representative finds himself around the world!  Here's a picture I lifted from Mike's facebook page as he logs 5 miles in Tel Aviv! 

Now this is a Rave Run!

****   Singlet Design Contest! ****

Reminder, any designs for the race singlet design contest are due by Thursday 4/4!  (That's tomorrow for those of you wondering!).    We have 10+ entries so far, but there is room for more! 

***  Volunteers!  ***

We are still seeking volunteers for the Fetzer Run to End Hunger 20K!  Team R.E.D. is hosting a water stop (theme still be decided).  We'll have music and drink available!   If interested, please send Tom and email at

*** The Rest of the Week! ***

As always there's more to come.... let's have some fun on the run!

  • Wednesday 5:30pm:  Get to the RCTC indoor track for some speed work.  The group is stronger the more that take part.  Come on out to get pushed, and push someone else!
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is at the Bears Den in Byron!  The previously scheduled track meet has been postponed, so you track parents have no excuse... get out for a walk or run, and settle in for a bit of a social!   Routes will be the range of 3,4 and 6 miles (and the 6 mile will not be the same as the last 2 times!)
  • Saturday 7:15am:   The Marathon Training long run takes off from the RAC.   The routes is not yet posted, but you will find it at the following blog.   This is a great place to long run, as it's supported with volunteers, water, Gatorade and sometimes some snacks!
  • Sunday 1pm:  The Fools Five rolls down the roads of Lewiston!  This is a fantastic event that raises a ton of money for cancer research!   Visit the Rochester Track Club calendar for registration forms, or a link to online register.

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