Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Congratulations Team R.E.D!

Congratulations are in order for Team R.E.D!
Happy Anniversary!   

It was 4 years ago today, this club made our first steps together. Running from the 'old bears den' in Byron.   At the time, we thought we'd gather once a month (once a month!)... and we'd go for a run come back for a drink (well some things haven't changed, but some surely have!)

As you likely know, we now meet EVERY Thursday, with additional opportunities on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday & sometimes Sunday!   Volunteer opportunities are ample as well!

Here is a slideshow from that first year... it's fun to see many of the faces that have remained an active part of Team R.E.D., and it's great to remember others who were active with us, but now not so much... if you see them, tap them on the shoulder and say "come on back!" 

On that first day we had 21 members (far exceeding our expectations).  Today we have 195 members!   Wow!    Additionally, and you'll see it in the slideshow below, originally we had two sponsors.... and today, we have six fantastic sponsors!   It's all awesome!   

Stay tuned for details... but for you types who like a teaser... TerraLoco is hosting a 4th year celebration party for Team R.E.D. in June.  All the details will follow, as the event is pulled together.  One thing I'm sure.. It'll be fun!


Here's  a look at what's up these next few days...

Wednesday 5:30pm:   It's the indoor track at RCTC!  Get inside on a dry surface, and turn up the speed!    Never tried it before?  Come on out.. ask questions and give it a go!
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is heading to the Bears Den in Byron.   It'll be a nice chance to get everyone together, and to get the miles, while sharing stories. 
Saturday 8am:  SEMYO (SouthEast Minnesota Youth Orchestra) is hosting their annual 5K run/walk.   It all takes place at Century High School and you can register on race day between 7am-7:45am!  Join the great race, with good food, good music and a nice tee, along with all the fun!
Saturday 9am:  The Fetzer Run to End Hunger 20K & 2 Mile takes place.  Registration details can be found at  http://rochestertrackclub.com/main.asp?   Come on out to support Channel One and their mission to end hunger.     SectionID=3&SubSectionID=28&ArticleID=230
  • Team R.E.D. is hosting a water stop at the Fetzer race... our Theme is Cowboy/Cowgirl!  Music and fun!  Oh, and beer provided to volunteers... on Team R.E.D.'s dime!  If you don't register either of the Saturday races, and are available, come on out and join the party at the water stop!   

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