Thursday, April 11, 2013

Best of Boston!

Team R.E.D. is at Beetles Bar & Grill tonight at 6pm!  Come on out and enjoy the run and fun! 


This Monday is Patriots Day and, it's the running of the 117th Boston Marathon!   Congrats to all of you about to take part in it!  Several Team R.E.D. members are heading to Boston soon, if not already!     

Below is the list of Team R.E.D. members that I'm aware are participating, let me know if I'm missing anyone.  (I know there other runners from the area going, but I only listed Team R.E.D. members here).  

Have a great time!   Enjoy the screaming at Wellesley Girls college! 
  • Trevor Distad
  • Ken English
  • Dan Feda
  • Andy Hemenway
  • Shaun Palmer
  • Joe Ryan
  • Sarah Schettle
  • Jen Schrandt
  • Corrine Deeg

You can watch the race unfold live at   additionally you can sign up for athlete tracking alerts!   


Below you'll find some pics from Monday Maniacs, and one I lifted off Mason's facebook page from Tuesdays Trail run.

The guys showing their best side

The girls always looking great

Douglas Trail is clear and just waiting for us!

The social time...

Tuesday was a bit of a wet evening, but Tohnia and Jim made it out to Chester Woods for a trail run!  Come out next Tuesday and join them!

Tohnia & Jim

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