Thursday, September 15, 2016

Home Host is a Special Theme!

  • Thursday 6pm:  Home Host with a special theme.  It's "Melby Night" -- if at all possible, don't miss this night. Details below... 
    • Jill & Adam Walter are hosting at 1286 Brookfield Ct NE in Byron, 55920
    • The Theme is Melby Night.  We know there are many Team R.E.D. members with great memories of our great friend Paul Melby, and there are many who never met him.  On Thursday,  if you know Paul, please come and share some stories, if you never met this man, please, please, please come and hear the stories!  He was incredible. 
    • During our routes of 3 or 5+ miles we'll visit the Melby Park - adopted by Team R.E.D. At this location we'll clean up any trash, we'll share some stories, and have a cold beverage, Hamms was his choice, so Hamms in your choice! 
    • We'll finish our routes and enjoy a great night at the home of Jill & Adam Walters..
    • For the theme, please consider wearing your "Melby T-shirt" if you have one, otherwise a Team RED shirt, or anything red.   Let's have some fun, and recognize a meaningful person in so many lives.   - If you never met Paul, but are open to hear his story, you will feel his impact through others. 
    • Our hosts are providing a Pesto Pasta Feed, Gatorade & Water.. and Hamms beer! Please bring a dish to pass if you like, an outdoor chair, and of course if you're not sure about Hamms (shame on you).. bring our beverage of choice! 

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