Friday, January 2, 2015

Winter Blues? Not!

Below are a few goals for Team R.E.D. in 2015... please feel free to email me at if there are other ideas you would like to see added to the goal list!

  • Team R.E.D. Ambassadors - We started down this road a couple of years ago, but never fully executed the idea. What is a Team R.E.D. Ambassador? 
    • An Ambassador is someone who is prepared to greet a newcomer.
    • The Ambassador will run or walk the pace of the newcomer on their first night.  
    • The Ambassador will introduce the newcomer to people during the social.
      • If you're interested and willing to be a Team R.E.D. Ambassador please email me at - if you simply tell me of your interest during a group run, I will likely forget!  Please email your interest to participate. 
  • Engage more Walkers - When sharing information about our club, consider sharing the concept of W.R.E.D.D.

Walk. Run. Eat. Drink. Dance! 

  • Pictures - More group run pics for the Blog.  We are good at getting pics during races, however, we can do better on our regular group runs.  
  • New Race Singlets - They are about 24 months past due - yet they are actually now getting done! New race singlets are on order.
  • Volunteerism & Charity - Continue our great sense of Volunteerism and Charitable Contributions! This is a strong suit of Team R.E.D. and something to be proud of! 
  • Support of Teammates - This is another strong suit of this team.  Let's continue to pay attention to the goals of teammates, and help each other achieve!  

New Years Day Crew from the Bears Den!  Several other Eaters & Drinkers joined us!

Below is a slide show from the 3rd Race of the Winter 5K Race Series.  Several Team R.E.D. members took home awards, including new shoes from TerraLoco! Gift Cards from Apollo Liquor! Gift Cards from Rochester Cycling!  - bunches of prizes as well.  

Congrats to Team R.E.D. member Eric Klein for winning the Male Overall Championship of the series.  It was a back and forth battle throughout the series for Eric, and he landed on top!

The female championship went to superstar Ruth Brennan Morrey!  I'll add the complete results when they are available, I will also steal some of Woo's award ceremony pics at that time so you can see which teammates took to the podium!

Eric - Male Champion! 

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