Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Get Dopey!

Several Team R.E.D. members are off to a warmer climate for the Disney Marathon weekend... it will be fun to hear their stories when they return!  Safe travels... and don't forget to have fun at the happiest place on earth!

A portion of Team R.E.D. in Disney... front Dan & Sonja.. back Mike, Tom, Shane, Gwen and Aaron

Shane, Laura, Gwen, Amy, Dan & Ann are doing the Dopey... 5K, 10K, Half Marathon & Full Marathon!  Fun! 
More friends are on the way for the Disney weekend... It's really hard to believe they could leave all this....

Jess dressed for success!

Monday Maniacs No Fear

Schedule Note: The Thursday 6pm Team R.E.D. Run from Brothers Bar & Grill is still a go...  however, the Progressive Run has been cancelled. 

Oh.. and another picture!  I nearly forgot a couple of photos from the RTC's Prediction Run.. Several R.E.D. members earned honors!

Braden ... it's a little too fast, but so is he - Braden was the only person DQ'd for running faster than his prediction! 

The top 10! 
In the Top 10 photo, you'll see some faces of R.E.D.!   Allan won! He's 2nd from the left as you look at this pic.  Larry, Millie and Travis all made the top 10 too!  Scott on the far right is an outsider R.E.D. guy... and Dave (far left) and Summer (center) are eyeballing the group!  

The young lady in front of Allan was running with me when I realized we were going to slow... I said it out loud, and she took off like a bullet! - I think she finished 3rd (or there abouts) - while I didn't listen to my own advice, and I finished 11th!!!  One spot out of awards!   

Don't forget about the great volunteers! There were several Team R.E.D. members volunteering at this fun track club event!  Below I captured a shot of Mase, Sonja and Wendy keeping everything and everyone in line!  

Jim, Sonja (Race Director) and Wendy

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