Monday, January 19, 2015

Strong Maniacs

A quick post to say tonight at Monday Maniacs we were connected... and it turned into three pace groups - no one was alone - this is a new mission... creating opportunity no matter what your pace/speed.  Even if you're not at any one of these paces below, you would not be far ahead or far behind.

  • Two people rolled at a 7:30 Mile
  • About six were out at a 9ish mile
  • Another half dozen were at 13ish mile 

Walk. Run. Eat. Drink. Dance! -  Like Lisa says below...

We will continue to post updates when we have a leader for a group less intent on speed, and yet fully intent on fitness.  

This Thursday at Wildwood there is a leader for that very group.  When we say all paces welcome, we mean it.  -- Even if you don't run exactly any of the paces above, you will be start and finish with others and be near them the entire way.

Monday Maniacs at the Tap House

A reflective bunch! 

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