Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Naked Wednesday is Back!

Gather tonight at 6pm at Beetles Bar & Grill on 2nd for Naked Wednesday and we'll head downtown...  rockin' on with just our socks on!

Ok Ok.. maybe we'll have to wait for warmer weather, but I see our training at Oxbow changing this summer.     My favorite part of the clip below is about 1:10-1:20 mark...


Thursday 5:30am - Running the Progressive Run from the DAHLC .. meet at the front door.  The good news is we start sort of slow, the other good news is we finish sort of fast!
Thursday 6pm - We're getting together at Brothers Bar & Grill to get our fitness rolling.  See the note below from KC Reed... there's an opportunity to have your voice heard regarding the future of Soldiers Field (and the track)  I think it would be great if we can incorporate this into our gathering. We'll figure out how to best do it.. and post more details.  (of course you can provide input on your own too).

********* Email from KC Reed below **********

They are holding an informational meeting and gathering input from the community about the future of all of Soldiers Field on Thursday from 4-7 PM at the Soldiers Field Golf course clubhouse.
I know the folks supporting the veterans and emergency services museum are launching quite a push. I suspect the golfers will show up in mass too.
I feel the running community should rally and push to keep the only open public track in Rochester. It is a great resource not only for the All Comers Meets, but for the recreational runners from the surrounding neighborhoods, the Y and downtown workers.

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