Friday, March 21, 2014

Let's do something good!

As you probably already know.. there's an opportunity to get some miles and help a charity the O'Leary's are particularly fond of!

Saturday 7:15am - Pancakes for Goodness Sakes, along with Beef Cakes (you'll know that's true if Randy takes his shirt off!)
On March 22nd the Bears Den is hosting a pancake breakfast to help raise money for Type-1 Diabetic Research.  You are all invited!  You can simply drive to the event.. or consider something below (or your own plan!)  Additionally, if you can't make it, and want to participate financially, you can make a check payable to JDRF and that money will go towards research!  -- Drop off your check at the Bears Den on Saturday, or feel free to mail it to me at 805 1st Ave NW, Byron, MN 55920
  • March 22nd will be approx a 17 mile run for the marathon training people.. with half of it in Rochester, and the 2nd half will bring you to the Bears Den in Byron. Randy Q is again hosting the water stop midway from the RAC to Byron. Awesome! 
    • If you want to participate in that run.. bring a change of clothes to the RAC, Randy and/or Tom will transfer your bags to the Bears Den.
    • If you want to participate but not run 17 miles.. do it!  It's about 7.5 from the RAC to the Den.. show up, drop a dry clothing bag with us and run directly there. 
    • Another group is meeting at the Bears Den in Byron at 7:15am... they will run to the RAC and turn around to come back with others in the longer group. 
    • We will shuttle you back to your car at the RAC after your participate in the event. 
    • It's just 7 bucks for all you can eat pancake breakfast (which is great post run!)
    • I love the fact we have seen such great support of this event.. Thank You! 
Sunday 8am:  The Off Season Striders continue the fun by running from Newts North in Rochester. Come out and enjoy the morning with friends.  You can run any distance you like, most keep it to about 6 or so. 

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