Thursday, March 10, 2016

We're feeling Spring Fever!

What a great night for a run or walk!  - Team R.E.D. is certainly going to love the daylight hours starting next week!   Tonight we started in sunlight, and most completed their workout before total darkness.  Very fun!

Please welcome two new members - Darshi and Donna joined Team R.E.D. tonight!

Tom, Donna and Darshi at the Den - Welcome Ladies!  
Getting ready... note: Quinn made her Team R.E.D. debut in the infant carrier! 

Sarah, Jake, Enthusiastic Janelle and Andy 100M into the run

Adam doesn't seem to be keeping up, but at least he gave the camera a friendly wave! 

Brian, Grant and Bob getting started!  


The Week Ahead... evening runs require no headlamps! 

  • Saturday 7:15am:  The Long Run from the Rochester Athletic Club is scheduled for 15 miles with the half marathoners knocking off 10 miles.  Just us at the RAC and know you don't have to be a member of the RAC to do so... just bring a dollar to help cover the cost of the aid stations.  -  We will have 3 stations along this run! - There are two groups pre-loading.  So if you need extra miles, or simply need to get done earlier, consider joining one of the two!   Both groups are planning to connect with those starting at 7:15am. 
    • Tom, Tom  & Jen S. are pre-loading from the RAC starting at 6am.  
    • Dale and a crew are pre-loading from the DAHLC starting at 6am.
    • Note: For all the Long Runs from the RAC you can consider joining a social post run at Five West.  They have a nice breakfast and have a great location in relation to the RAC.  
  • Saturday 11am: Bus Departs for St Pauls' Lucky Palooza!  - There is still room for a couple of people... if you want to join us, send an email to Paul and Annette at
  • Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders is heading to Brothers Bar & Grill. Please park in back as that saves the prime parking for those who are there for breakfast. (we may be too, but we leave for a bit.... so it's nice to let others get prime space!). 
  • Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are heading to Whistle Binkies North.  This is a great place to run from! - and a great place to return too!  - I'm also guessing their liquor license is fully in place! 
  • Tuesday 6:15pm:   The Tuesday Trail Crew is heading to Chester Woods! Meet atthe parking lot nearest the Beach House.  Bring warm/dry clothes and your beverage of choice for a parking lot party! It should be in the 60s'.. yet you might be chilled post run so be prepared to enjoy! 
  • Wednesday 6pm:   Speed work on the Byron Track.  -  The workout begins at 6pm, so plan your arrival according to how much time you need to warm up.   The workout will be published on Sunday, but as always, you can follow the prescribed workout, or do what you want to do!  
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is at the Bears Den on St Patrick's Day! I can only imagine!  Don't forget we need to get some exercise first, then celebrate your inner Irish! 

If you haven't yet registered for any of the following, please do!  Sooner is better for the Race Director! 

Team R.E.D. is hosting a Color Me Now! event in Byron on April 30th!  You can run or walk the 5K or 1 Mile course, and have a blast with music and color!  Color Me Now! registration is open at

Our friends Triton Events are Hosting the Rockin' Robin on May 7th!  Check it out   .. a 5K, 10K, Half & 20 Miler! - Don't forget a full lineup of live post race music, including Kasey with her Nite Shift!

Chester Woods Mason Runs are set for June 4th.  We'd love to see more of you on the roster!  You can register for the 5K, 10 Mile or 50K at -  This race will have the quality of the traditional trail races we've come to love at Chester Woods, with the additional of Free Beer & Brats at the Finish Line!  Get your customized Mason Jar and have some fun! 

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