Sunday, March 1, 2015

Miles... Celebrations... and Memories

Team R.E.D. members have been in so many places this weekend it's amazing!

They were seen logging miles at the Marathon & Half Marathon Training run on Saturday. Despite below zero windchills many members logged 20+ miles outside on Saturday!  Whiles others put in 7-13!   Others yet found themselves tucking to the indoor track, and getting it done.  All very impressive!

On Saturday afternoon, many members celebrated with Roger & Joyce! What a great thing to celebrate... life!  We often miss that opportunity, but this day, we celebrated and it was awesome!  We're grateful that Roger & Joyce are part of our lives, yesterday, today and into the future!

Our Hosts Joyce & Roger

Roger serenaded with an original song by Lorelei! 

About 20 members joined the crew at the Off Season Striders run this morning, logging a variety of distances at a variety of paces.  Super fun to enjoy the morning with this group while meeting and getting to know new people!

Following the OSS run, Tom Woo was presented his Rochester Track Club Runner of the Year jacket, and I was honored to be asked to present it.  There is a lot of cross over between Rochester Track Club and Team R.E.D.  -----  Team R.E.D. members have earned the honor of Runner of the Year three of the last four years!

Tom is an inspiration to many of us as his results are clear for all to see through his dedication to the sport of running.  As a veteran, and talented runner at every distance from the 1 Mile to 5K, Half Marathon and Full, Tom demonstrates what it takes to succeed.  We're all proud to call Tom Woo our friend, and to know he can mentor us all to be better runners, and strong, positive people.  Congrats Tom!

Tom O' presents the Runner of the Year jacket to Tom Woo!  

As many of you may already know, Tom and family suffered a loss this past week as his mother, Wai-Jant passed away peacefully.  She lived a rich life of 100 years, many of those spent in the home of Tom & Shirley, along with her grandchildren Richard and Alex.  Our thoughts and prayers go to the entire Woo family.

Today, the snowshoe crew got a sampling of Oxbow Park.  Here's a shot of the ladies relaxing while I'm sure the men were doing the heavy lifting. Let's get some snow for a few more trips this season! 

Mary, Cathy and Wendy... enjoying the sunshine at Oxbow Park!

The Chmielewki's are celebrating today as they have a new grandchild in their lives!  It's so awesome to see the happiness that brings!  Congrats to the Chms!  Sorry I don't have any baby pics to share yet, but it's hard to believe these two lookers are grandparents twice over!

Paul & Annette

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