Friday, June 20, 2014

HammerTime II

We have two new members!  So nice to see!

Kristina and Claire joined RED tonight!   They have both attended a few events before deciding to jump on in as members, but we are happy they decided to do so!

Kristina is training for her first marathon which will come in Sept in Marquette!  She is a newly transplanted Byron girl and getting to know the area quite nicely, on foot!

Claire is a Hamline Athlete, and a track fanatic.  Rumor has it she jaywalked a busy highway while on crutches to see the state high school track meet! (and if she had her way, she would have ziplined over the highway, but she couldn't have her way).

** I have to apologize to Claire in advance, I promise I used the picture that made you look the least possessed...

Welcome Kristina and Claire! 


Here's a list of Team R.E.D. members I know are running in various events of the Grandmas Marathon Weekend.. please let me know if I've missed anyone..  I'm certain I have! 

You will be able to set up athlete tracking on these runners by visiting  If you're planning to track marathon or half marathoners, get it set up on Friday, as it will not work on race day! 

5K Friday at 6pm
Mike Nepstad
Tina Hermsen
Steve Gastfield
Scott Kranz
Sonja Kranz

Half Marathon Saturday 615am
Diane Paradise
*Dan Valentine
*Lonna Simanovski  
Tom Woo
Gwen Jacobson
Andy Becker
Julie Yost

Full Marathon Saturday 745am
Dan Mesenburg
Amy Mesenburg
Dave Eide
Elaine Eide  -- Elaines 1st Marathon! 
Ann Nepstad
Jen St Amand Finley
Mike Paradise
Christina Ellenberger - Christinas 1st Marathon!
Jessica Feda
Sarah Schettle
Teri Alrick
Tom O'Leary
Marv Misgen
Jill Misgen
Shaun Palmer 
Ryan Diepenbrock
*Grace Hogan
Diana Hogan
Alyssa Hogan
Kristine Tibor
Ron Benjamin
Rick Divine
Andy Hemenway
Frank Suera

*indicates not an offical Team RED member, but we love you like you are! 

The RocheserFest Triathlon is this weekend as well... and next Friday is the Camp Olson 1 Mile on the parade route!  Team R.E.D. members are sure to be part of each of those events as well, so we'll be watching for results!

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