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Congrats to all of you who competed this weekend.... I'm bound to miss some milestones, but I'll try to capture what I know happened!   If you know of a Team R.E.D. members accomplishments, and don't see them posted here, just drop me an email at and I'll try to get it included!

Among the many running related Milestones at Grandmas Marathon... It's notable to share, Sonja and Scott celebrated their 28th Wedding Anniversary, while Wendy and Tom celebrated their 27th! - and Tod & Meg are celebrating 30 years!  (they just chose to celebrate without a marathon!)

There were lots of great times (and several Boston Qualifying results) turned in at Grandmas Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K.  They are not all mentioned here yet below I showcased a few shots of people who PR'd, Placed and/or accomplished their first something!

Complete Grandmas Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K results can be found at  or

Christina bringing in her 1st Marathon finish.. and she crushed the 4 hour barrier! 

Elaine all smiles heading to the finish of her first marathon!  Congrats!   

Eric (the taller of this bunch!)  ran his first Half Marathon!  He's made for this sport.. let's see more of him! 

Ryan brought home a huge Marathon PR... and still has time to look over his shoulder for the camera!
Jen PR'd in the marathon, as well as entertained Tom & Ryan for a portion of the race!  While smiling ear to ear she also cashed in a Boston Qualifier! 
Mike makes it look easy as he PR's the marathon by 10+ Minutes!  
Kristine rocks home a big PR... and a Boston Qualifier! 

Ann bringing home a marathon PR!  An amazing PR... more than 1 hour! 

Dave's Marathon was not only a PR, but also his first Boston Qualifier!  Look out Boston... here he comes!   

This next shot is more homegrown... RochesterFest Triathlon kicked off the week full of activities!  The festivities this week will also include a one-mile along the parade route!

At the RochesterFest Triathlon: Travis completes his first outdoor Tri...
while Millie brings home a 3rd place age group award!  


Here's a look at what's ahead this week... be sure to check back as we may be adding a few things along the way!

  • Monday 6pm:  The Monday Maniacs are Traveling to Zumbrota for this weeks fitness... this will give people the opportunity to attend the Visitation for Paul's father (details are in the previous post), and at 6pm we can gather as a team to run/walk starting at the Covered Bridge Restuarant & Sports Bar in Zumbrota (located along the Hwy 52 on the north edge of zumbrota - 1439 Northstar Drive, Zumbrota, MN) 
  • Tuesday 5:30pm:  The All-Comers Mile takes place at Soldiers Field in Rochester.   This is a free event and a part of the Rochester Track Club's Grand Prix series.  The Mile is followed by the All-Comers Kid's meet hosted by Rochester Track Club as well.
    • Volunteers are still needed for both the Open One mile... and the kids All-Comers races. Your volunteer opportunity would start at 5pm for the Open Mile... and might have a little more flex for the kids events.    Please contact Gwen or Ann if you can volunteer some time in support of this effort!, 
  • Tuesday 6pm:  TerraLoco hosts a 5K for Charity again this week!  It's just $5 to participate and the money all goes to a local non-profit!  
  • Tuesday 6pm:  The trail crew is gathering at RCTC for a carpool/caravan to Great River Bluffs for a trail run!  I have run these bluffs, it's awesome!  The run itself will start about 7pm.. it's a great chance to try a new trail for many, and also to meet some of the wonderful trail types from the Winona area!   
  • Thursday 6pm:   This date is open is someone is interested in Home Hosting... if not, no worries, we will name our location on Tuesday!   Be sure to check back for details on Thursdays location! 
  • Friday 6pm: The 2nd Annual Camp Olson YMCA Rochesterfest Mile!  This event kicks off just prior to the start of the Parade, and you'll have a chance to run or walk in front of thousands of spectators!   The event raises funds for camp scholarships... come be part of something good, and something fun!  For more details you can visit  or contact Shaun Palmer

TC 10 Mile!  Guaranteed Entry closes in one week! If you don't register through the following process by the June 30th deadline for USATF clubs, but you desire to run the race, you will need to enter the lottery.  

Registering with the Team Circuit Invite Code will give you a $3 discount and a guaranteed entry 

into the event.

Invitation Code: 14TC10CIRCUIT

Registration Dates: Now until June 30, 2014
Link to reg:

1. At the start of the registration process there is an invite code box in the bottom left corner.
(Arrow and yellow box)
2. After filling in the Invite code box you must click apply to the right of the box.
3. Start the registration process by choosing: USATF Team Circuit
4. Complete the registration information.
5. You will receive a receipt from imATHLETE to the email address indicated on your
registration confirming your registration.
6. You will receive a separate Econfirmation with information about the race.

Note to participant- With imATHLETE you will have the ability to update your registration if 
you should move, request a different t-shirt size, etc. The editing information is found by 
going to your emailed receipt from imATHLETE.If you have any questions please contact

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