Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Champions! Course Records! Wine!

Many Team R.E.D. members had great days at the ChesterWoods trail races.

Jen managed to run herself into the record books!  She not only won the 50K, but she also set a course record!  Way to go Jen!

Jen overtakes Dan.. with a smile! 

A reminiscing shot from last year, when Jen apparently dumped Bri to the dirt!  That must be when she started her drive to not only win this shit, but set the course record!  She loves Bri.. but tossed her aside like "whatever"!   

In the 5K... Dani crushed the course record as well.. it was the year of the women!   Nice work!

Dani Rocks the 5K.. new course record! 

Several women of R.E.D. celebrated at Four Daughters Winery!  They are so awesome! What a great crew!

Front from left ....   Jen, Christina, Erin
Back from left... Lana, Gwen, Dani, Teri, Jen


Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. Local....   The Gabrielsons are inviting us to their home at 2323 Wilshire Lane NE in Rochester!   It's a great place to run or walk from.   They also have a super space in the backyard for our post race.  Our hosts are providing Sloppy Joes, Spicey Chicken, chips and some post dinner cigars!   If you'd like to bring something to share that would be great, and lawn chairs are a good idea!
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. Metro... Meet us at the Red Rooster in Long Lake for a nice run/walk/fitness hike!  We will have groups going 4 to 6 miles depending on what you want to od.  We have a few crazy people we won't name via the blog, you have to meet them to know them!  Post fitness social is the best of the best!
Saturday 7:30am: Off Season Striders heads out from Roosters Barn 'n Grill along Circle Drive.  This is a fun group to run with and they fill in until the marathon training long runs pick up again on Saturdays (and that time is coming!) - all paces.
Saturday 8:30am:  Go for the Gold 5K, 3K and Kids fun stuff - supporting Brighter Tomorrows and their efforts with Childhood Cancer. For more information visit
Sunday 8am:  Fathers Day!  (I think)....    Off Season Striders are rolling out from the People's Food Coop in downtown Rochester.
Sunday 8am:  Fathers Day! (I think)... you can run the trails of Oxbow!  Meet at the 1st bridge and enjoy!

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