Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Adding Wednesday! Defining Thursday! Reminding Friday!

Hey all.. the previous post has the week pretty well lined up, but we are adding a Wednesday night run or walk... albeit, it's a challenging one!

Wednesday 5:45pm:   Typically Wednesdays are speed sessions, but since so many have raced this past weekend, and again Tuesday... we're looking at a Hill Workout.  Meet at the parking lot for the Memorial of Soldiers Field and we'll take a 3/4 mile slow warm up to the base of the hill at the intersection of 10th St SW and 9th Ave SW.. this gives you two options... a long gradual hill.. or a steep mean one.  (we tend to repeat on the long gradual).

You can do this repeat as many times as you like, and there are flat areas to recover if you need some (I will need some!)   Join us for a workout that will make you a better runner!

Thursday 6pm:  We'll gather at WildWood Bar & Grill in Rochester... weather permitting a patio night! If not, a fun night with a great run or walk to get us ready!

Friday 6pm:  Don't forget the Camp Olson YMCA One Mile on the RochesterFest Parade route!   You can register online at http://www.zapevent.com/listactivities.aspx?eventid=5241   Remember you get to run or walk to a throng of spectators!  More than you may have ever been in front of before.. and it all benefits scholarships for campers!

Great short story on Roger's recovery... 

Here's a link to a story that Julie Yost shared.... Roger Heil is coming back!  He ran the All-Comers Mile tonight and ran fantastic!  If you think its hard to stay fit... shut up and get to work!


Another great pic from Grandmas (this one stolen from Alyssa)..  it certainly doesn't capture everyone... but it captures the spirit!

Love being part of a Team! - pictured here left to right Jay

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