Friday, August 23, 2013

Rochester Half Marathon is here!

The Rochester Half Marathon is a premiere event!   ... we have several Team R.E.D. members taking part in the Half Marathon, the 5K, as well as volunteering!

To the best of my knowledge there are 3 first time half marathoners, who are also Team R.E.D. members!  Be sure to look for them, and keep them rolling!

Hillary Baron joined Team R.E.D. tonight!  Then, Saturday morning she will run her first half marathon!   Welcome Hillary!  We will be cheering for you !

Here's a shot of Anne, Hannah and Hillary at the Color Vibe
Rob Sappington joined Team R.E.D. this year, and he is about to embark on his first half marathon.... we'll be out there cheering for you too Rob! 

Rob is the short guy.. or the rest are giants!
Angela Eide is also running her first half marathon.  Her parents Dave & Elaine are excited... Dave is planning to run it with her, just like he did in the olden days. -- we will see you on the course! --

Dave playing in the dirt... Angela helping him out.

For the Rochester Half, our Team R.E.D. waterstation is #2 (located approx. mile 4).  Stop in to help or say hello!

Monday 6pm:  the Manaics are heading to the Bears Den in Byron!   Rumor has it there's a Team R.E.D. Birthday to celebrate!  I'm not naming any names Sarah Chapman, but it should be fun!
Tuesday 6pm:  the trail runners are heading to Millville!  Always something to look forward to in Millville!

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