Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Update - Tonights Trail Run!

The location of tonight's trail run has been changed to Quarry Hill (due to Chester Woods park being temporarily closed). 

See some notes regarding tonights run,  from Jim below..

  • Looks like Quarry Hill it's going to be I finally got a hold of one of the staff guys and they are staying firm on keeping the park closed.
  • Let's meet the baseball fields on the west side of the park. Here is a Google maphttps://maps.google.com/maps?q=44.031935%2C-92.438775&hl=en&num=1&t=h&z=16
  • Take 11th ave all the way to 9th St NE and go right as far as you can you'll run right into the parking lot. My cell is 507-951-2415 if you need instructions.
  • Quarry hill actually has some great trails for night running they are cross country ski trails and are really smooth. We can take a break at the top of the hill to see a really nice view of the city:)

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