Saturday, October 1, 2016

Saturday / Sunday!

Registration is open for the Living History Farms Off-Road Race! - When you register, consider registering as part of a team, then choose Team R.E.D. and co-ed (any age).   Let me know when you register, and if you have interest in a charter bus.. we've had a lot of fun bus rides to this event in the past, one more sounds good to me!

You can register at
and if you are completely unfamiliar with Living History Farms race, it's a charity run with a theme of fun, lots of costumes! - Team R.E.D. has participated as Pirates, Pilots/Stewardesses, Rednecks, Morph suits, Super hero undies...... what's this years theme? - Well that's to be determined, and those who want to go, will have a voice in the choice!

You can see the infancy journey of Team R.E.D. at this link...  we evolved since this day, which was a great day in 2009!
  • Saturday 7am:  The marathon training long run - last of the year, but have no fear! - Off Season Striders is here! - Seriously, when the long runs end from the RAC... OSS picks up a Saturday run, that's very fun! 
  • Saturday 8am:  The Brian Staska Firefighter Cancer Support Network 5K is at Oxbow Park.  Registration starts at 8am.  - Competitive run at 8:30am - Fun Run/Hike at 9am. 
  • Saturday 9am: It's been around 10 years as a fundraising walk, but now there's also a 5K/10K race!  Consider joining Brains Together For A Cure and help!
  • Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders rolls from Panera South. Always a great location for access to the trails and for some good chatter post run! 

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