Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Trails are Rockin'!

The Tuesday Trail crew got out in great numbers at Carly State Park! - If you've never joined a Tuesday gathering, you should consider!

Tuesday Trail Crew
Here's what coming up next... sunshine! 

  • Wednesday 6pm:  Join us on the track in Byron.  We start the workout at 6pm, so plan your arrival to give yourself enough time for warming up.  On the track, we typically have one workout planned, and if that doesn't fit what you had in mind, you can certainly do your own thing and you'll still have the vibe of the group to help push you. 
    • This weeks track workout is a 3 mile tempo run.  Don't know how fast you should tempo? We'll help you calculate a good pace for you. 
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. heads to the Bears Den in Byron. On Thursdays we always offer multiple distances, you pick the one that fits you, or do your own thing!  Runners and Walkers of all paces are welcome! 
  • Saturday 7:15am:  The Marathon & Half Marathon training runs continue from the RAC.  You don't have to be a member of any local running clubs to join, just bring $1 to help support the aid stations provided along the way.  
    • This week's route is just shy of 21 miles for the Full Marathoners .. and a bit over 9 for the Half marathoners.   Route for the full can be found at the following link.

Upcoming Races - Let's get registered! 

  • May 7th - Rockin' Robin Run - this event includes a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, 20 Mile and Kids run! - Lots of live music from morning to night - Kasey is performing with Nite Shift! Time Machine and Johnny Holm are there too!  More info at
  • May 14th -  VAD 5K - this run is directed by Sarah Schettle and this is the 5th time around to raise money for patients with Ventricular Assist Device needs.  It's a walk / run followed by a BBQ!   More info at
  • May 28th & 29th! - Med City Marathon Weekend! - Join the fun with everything from Diaper Dash, to Kids Marathon, Mascot Races, Marathon relays, Half & Full Marathons!  - Don't forget the Team R.E.D. post race party with FREE BEER and Live Music from 8am-2pm!  More info can be found at
  • June 3rd - Donut Run! - This is one of the most fun runs you'll ever do! It's a 4K race in which you consume donuts along the route. Each donut carries a deduction value so the more donuts you eat, the faster you run!  Proceeds benefit the Byron Cross Country team training trip.  If you'd like to register or make a donation you can visit
  • June 4th - Mason Runs @ Chesterwoods! - Join us at Chesterwoods for one of the best trail races in the region! 5K, 10 Mile & 50K are all available for your trail running fun!  Enjoy free beer and brats at the finish line with live music!  - You can register at
  • July 14th - Beer Mile! - I know I said the Donut Run is one of the most fun runs you'll ever do, well, the Beer Mile is another one that fits that category! This years event has 3 waves... 
    • 0.0 Wave where participants will step over the Start line and be done! - Receive your medal and beer then sit back and spectate the next two waves! 
    • Beer Mile Open is the one for the casual beer miler! - You're in it 100% for the fun and not too worried about how fast you go! 
    • Beer Mile Championship is the one if you're going for speed. It's aimed at men targeting a Beer Mile of 8 minutes or faster and women targeting a Beer Mile of 11:30 or faster. 

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