Thursday, April 2, 2015

Quick Notes!

The Torchlight 5K is a Team R.E.D. Charter bus event!  Register now!  If you register by end of day Friday, they will mail you your bib, tee shirt and stuff... also give you one extra beer ticket!  Also, if you want to be on the bus please email me at -- we need to get a headcount and calculate cost (rumor has it a sponsor is chipping in again!) 

Also, this is a USATF Team Circuit event... so consider joining so you can get the preferred start with your teammates and $10 off registration of this race!  It's a super fun event! Did we mention we are chartering a bus?  - get on board! fyi...  you can ride the bus and run the race without being a USATF member.. but they will not let you line up with the rest of Team R.E.D at the start. 

You can register for the event at and select the 5K Championship option if you are a USATF member.   You will need to enter your member number to complete the registration. 


Reminder to those of you heading to celebrate the Boston Marathon... there is a Team R.E.D. reservation at Cheers and you'll want to contact Jess at to make sure there is room for you at the table!  What a great way to enjoy Boston... Together! 

Check out the post below for other details regarding this weekend... there are all sorts of pre-load options for you long runners on Saturday! 

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