Sunday, July 20, 2014

Team R.E.D. - Free Kids Mile!

Two things before we get to today's parade and kids mile...

#1.... the new background colors for the blog.. need to know if that's good, there's a poll on the side of the blog, please click something. If you have suggestions, feel free to send them to

#2...  I'd like to make sure you see the faces of 5, five, FIVE new members!   They all joined at the Beer Mile on Thursday.  When you run into them, be sure to introduce yourself, and welcome them!

Troy joins R.E.D.!  He's the brother of Tod, and that's not his fault! 

Zac joins Team R.E.D.! He's friends with Troy, brother of Tod, it's complicated!

Ed joins Team R.E.D.!  Ed rocks the Tri- stuff, and now crushed a beer mile! 

Jim joins Team R.E.D.!  I've known Jim a long time.. he's alright! More than alright!  

Sherilyn joins Team R.E.D. and I've known her for years, she's awesome!   Her son Ben is already a member, and we'll soon see her husband Steve on board, we hope! 


It was a small but furious turnout for the Kids Mile... lots of smiles on some faces, and a few tears from some that found it to be very far... but they all made it!  And were recognized with a Medal, courtesy of the Paul Melby Kids Mile! - Thanks to the Rochester Track Club for supporting our event with those medals!

ServiceMaster of Rochester came through with two awesome golf carts, listing all the Team R.E.D. sponsors along the way!

They are yellow... and clean! ServiceMaster Clean! 

Always thank our Team R.E.D. sponsors!  Today we recognized Appliance Village! Pro Image! Needs Car Wash! Bears Den! Med City Marathon! ServiceMaster! TerraLoco!   

The young ones getting ready to get ready!

They are off!  28 Kids took part, would love to see 100+ next year! 

It's a race.. and the pace might change! 

Even the little ones were on board for One Mile! 

Lorelei carried this young girl a long way, then set her down to run in... and her mom then joined in too!  Awesome!


Trolley schedule for Wednesday's Torchlight Race is now available!  Check it out.. we're listing boarding times, and departure times for Rochester and Byron... the departure time is firm.. be there! - if we are all boarded in Rochester early, we'll scoot to Byron a little early too.

We need everyone on time, as this schedule has us arriving at the start line at 6:30pm. That's 1 hour to race time.  Some number of riders still need to pick up bib #'s and tees.

Beer & Water is provided on the trolley, if you'd like something else to eat/drink please bring your own.
  • 4:30pm Boarding - Wildwood Bar & Grill in Rochester - Please do not park in prime bar parking spaces, please park east of the Volleyball Courts and we'll board from there.  
  • 4:40pm Departure - Wildwood Bar & Grill Rochester
  • 4:55pm Boarding - Bears Den in Byron - Please do not park in the prime bar parking spaces, as we are going there, park near the Think ATM and we'll board from there. 
  • 5:00pm Departure - Bears Den Byron
  • 545ish pm - We'll slow down to 15 mph for Lisa to jump on board!  Be ready Lisa!   
  • Post Race- there is free beer at the finish line!  Also some fun music with Pop Rocks!  We'll get on the trolley and cruise downtown for a bit before returning... return trip will drop off in Cannon Falls, then Byron then Rochester.  

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