Saturday, February 22, 2014

Updated Plan for Snowshoers & Great News!

Due to the Windchill predicted to still be below zero tomorrow, we are delaying the special snowshoe party at the Nepstads.  We'll find a more comfortable day to hang out in a clearing with a bonfire and music!  Keep your eye on the blog to find out when we reschedule it to.

Sunday 8am: Off Season Striders start and finish at Dunn Bros North (Elton Hills Dr).
Sunday 1pm:  The snow shoe crew has postponed the outdoor party, but the chance to snowshoe remains!   We'll gather at the 1st bridge (2nd parking lot) at Oxbow Park.
Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs head out to the mean streets of downtown, starting and finishing at Beetles Bar & Grill!  Always fun with this bunch!
Tuesday 6pm:  Plan to go to TerraLoco for a 5K for just 5 bucks.. all proceeds will go to support Roger and family as he continues his recovery at St Marys.   He's doing great.. and you are all awesome for the great support and caring you're showing daily!

  • Note the regularly schedule trail run and track runs will not take place on Tuesday.  Instead, go to TerraLoco!  

Wednsday 5:30pm:  The track runners are now up for speed on Wednesday this week!  Get to RCTC and turn the feet in a fast paced, fun workout!   30 seconds on... 30 seconds off.. that's been the trend, it's fast and good for your turnover!
Thursday 5:30am:  Progressive Run from the RAC.  Make sure you join the fun!  You start slowish, and speed up to fastish... 7.5 mile workout! * Be sure to keep an eye for updates on this run.. if the roads/trails aren't better by then, it may not be worth attempting from a safety perspective.  An update will follow on Wednesday.
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. get's fancy and we head to Somerby in Byron to do it.  It's Retro Prom night!  Dress the way you would (or did) when you were going to prom!  If you don't have an outfit in your closet already, there's a great costume shop in Kasson, with tons of choices. is located at 13 West Main Street - check or call for hours before driving out there.

Lots of Other Good News!  See Below! 

If you haven't heard yet.. Adam & Jill had a successful ride to the hospital during the storm overnight Thursday/Friday... successful due to the fact Jill delivered their 2nd child!  Finn joins Esme is this wonderful family.  

Here's a fun shot of the happy family.. something tells me Esme is ready to baby her little brother!

On another note, we continue to hear a lot of positive reports from people on Rogers status.. he's doing great!  Wendy and I stopped in today, and he had a room full, with Millie, Randy, his sister Mary, son John and of his wife Joyce.  He was looking very upbeat, very hip, with-it and wow!

We presented Roger & Joyce the gift from Team R.E.D. and they seemed to really enjoy it, saying "it's very generous!"   Nice work you all...

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