Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Superstars... All Of You!

Hey!  I just want to say you are all amazing... doing great things for Roger and Joyce..  being excited for Jill & Adam as they had a baby boy... and just getting out there and doing your workouts, in this somewhat disappointing weather!

Cancel the Progressive run for tomorrow.. it's just not safe or productive under the current conditions.
Stay focused on a Thursday Night run with a party theme!   It's Retro Prom at Somerby Golf Course in Byron!  Enter through the lower level, through the gate at the pool entrance.

Even if you think you want to skip the run, come join the fun!  What's not fun about this!  Look at the guy below,you went to school with someone like him, or you actually are the guy like him!

We'll have 80's music.... our hosts are providing some amount of beer, wine and appetizers... and when the freebies are gone, open your wallet and continue to enjoy!  We also hope to scope out Active PT's new location.. come out and enjoy!

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