Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Thursdays Plan - and some great opportunities!

Thursday 6pm: Beetles Bar & Grill is the sight of Team R.E.D. - we'll either find some plowed trails around Cascade Lake, or head downtown to where we know it's clear! - Either way, we'll get some miles running or walking and come back for a great social!
Saturday 7:15am:  Off Season Striders is sure to be out, and I fully suspect the location is from the Dan Abrahams Healthy Living Center.  If you want an early start to get a few more miles, some are starting between the times of 6:19-6:22am.
Saturday 6:30pm:  The Rochester Track Club holds their Annual Banquet.  We have several cross over members who participate in both the RTC and Team R.E.D.  - a couple of those members that support both clubs are likely in the running for Runner of the Year!  - Check it out if you have a chance, there's always a great speaker, along with your dinner.
Sunday 8am: Off Season Striders is certain to be out again - I'll update the location when I see it.
Sunday 1:30pm:  Snow Shoe at Oxbow Park - Meet at the first bridge parking lot (2nd parking on your left as you enter the park).  Snowshoeing is a fun way to get fit in the snow and see the park in a whole new way as you are not restricted to the trails, you can go anyplace! Join us for the fun!


Have you ever consider coaching?  Byron Community Education is seeking coaches for a Girls on the Run Program! - This is a national program with great results for young ladies.  Please see the details from Community Ed gem Jennifer Dole - If you're interested in being part of something great, let me know and I'll get you in touch with Jen! 
  • It really targets girls and increasing their self-confidence and health.  There would be two practices a week after school for about 10 weeks.  It ends with the girls completing a 5K up in the Twin Cities this spring.  The coach doesn't have to be a runner at all, they just have to love kids and want to work towards health living, both physically and emotionally.
USA Track & Field Team Circuit races have been released! - It would be fun to field a Team R.E.D. Team more consistently.  I'll commit to getting those dang racing singlets done and you commit to joining USATF and taking part in as many of these races as you can... if you can do 2-3 that's great, if you can do more, even greater! - We often car pool to the events and it's always fun! 

The O'Gara's Irish Run kicks it off, we'll have our singlets for that one!  You get discounts for several of the races.  The discounts codes that are currently available are listed below. (more will come as the races approach).  These codes will get you $5 off each race but they do require you are a USATF member.  

Code: USATF17


Also, the TC 10 Mile and TC 1 Mile are typically tough to get into, but as USATF Members connected to a USATF Club, you will receive Guaranteed entry! 

Here is the 2017 Race Schedule - in these races we are scored as individuals and scored as a team, competing against other clubs from around the state.  

Saturday, March 25 - O'Gara's Irish Run 8K - USATF Minnesota Championship 
 Saturday, April 29 - Get In Gear 10K - USATF Minnesota Championship (Spring)
 Thursday, May 11  - Medtronic TC 1 Mile - USATF Minnesota Championship
 Monday, May 29 - Brian Kraft Memorial 5 km - USATF Minnesota Championship
 Saturday, June 17 - Grandma's Marathon - USATF Minnesota Championship
 Sunday, July TBD - Raspberry Festival 1 Mile
 Sunday, August 6 - MDRA 15K - USATF Minnesota Championship 
Monday, September 4 - Victory Labor Day Races 10K - USATF Minnesota Championship (Fall)
 Sunday, September 10 - Jeff Winter City of Lakes Half Marathon - USATF Minnesota Championship
 Sunday, October 1 - Medtronic TC 10 Mile - USATF Minnesota Championship
To register visit the following link...   and as you register, associate yourself with an existing club - #0435 Team R.E.D. (be careful not to select Minnesota RED, unless your intention is to join Minnesota RED, I'm sure they are great people too!)   

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