Sunday, January 8, 2017

Storms... cancellations... and fun!

So sorry to hear about our friends in Mississippi not being able to run the Marathon due to the ice storms.  Gwen, Kasey and Sean are making the best of the situation and reporting to have some fun! - that's a good plan...

Local Entertainment!

The Half marathon in Disney was cancelled as well, I think it was thunderstorms! The crew in the happiest place on earth is also making the best of it...  Dan is on his way to another Dopey success and  Disney will be the location for Wendy Taylors first marathon! - Enjoy! 

Dan Feeling Dopey ... but not in a bad way

The Polar Bear Prediction 5K was another great success! - Kudos to Sonja and her cast of volunteers for putting on the race.  A nice lunch was provided by the Rochester Track Club.  Also strong representation by Team R.E.D. both participating and volunteering at this event, nice work!

If your name is Randy Price, you will have to leg wrestle me for this trophy! - You finished 10th place!  Other Team R.E.D. members in the top 10 include Ben Zhang and Dave Copeland. Woo was close, but on the outside at 12th place

I must have mistakenly registered as Randy.. so I win! 

The Week ahead....

Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are heading to LTS - not only quality beverages post run, but also the temperatures appear to be on the rise!  Join the group and enjoy the social after the workout!
Tuesday 6:15pm:  Tuesday Trail Crew is heading to Willow Creek Reservoir in Rochester.  This is always a fun place to gather! The crew will run, hike or snowshoe depending on conditions!
Tuesday 9pm:  The Night Owls are liking Beetles for a location - turns out the post workout social is warmer in there compared to the parking lot at the trailhead! - Join the run and fun!

Thursday's information is below... please read carefully as it has some moving pieces and plenty of options.  Participate in any piece of Thursdays events that fit what you enjoy..

Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. Sponsor, TerraLoco, is hosting a Customer Appreciation Night. Team R.E.D. and other running groups, race directors will have tables set up with information for people.  TerraLoco is planning on giving away a bunch of prizes! -  There's a guest speaker, Mike Buenting - coach, marathoner and triathlete who will start speaking at 7pm - if you want to check that out it could be fun!

  • Note: TerraLoco is restructuring their discount program  - you can learn more about that on Thursday and receive double points and a chance to win $100 gift car by shopping on Thursday! 
  • Note II:  See the Group Run below to see how you can possibly get your miles in and participate in the appreciation night. 
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. group run/walk is starting from WildWood Bar and Grill.  This location provides a chance to hit some well lit trails, or duck into the woods.  It's also near TerraLoco - so my suggestion is from WildWood - run up and over the bridge and make a stop into TerraLoco to check things out - stay as long as you want, before continuing on the rest of your run or walk! - or finish the run coming past TerraLoco, and grab a free beer from the Team R.E.D. Cooler! 
  • Note  I will join our crew at Wildwood when we wrap up at TerraLoco!  If anyone is interested in hosting the booth with me at TerraLoco, just drop me an email at

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