Saturday, August 20, 2016

Catching up!

A great morning for the Healthy Human Race today! - Shane and I were getting a long run in and we were able to see many of you competing or volunteering!  Awesome work all!

Let's get right after the schedule, since I'm so far behind with my posts!

Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders are heading out from Five West along circle drive near Costco.  This is a great location to hit some trails, or neighborhoods and of course come back for some social time with a yummy breakfast!
Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs hit a location we haven't got to for awhile, it's Whistle Binkies North.  Excellent to run in another area of the city! - Also, a wonderful patio experience post run or walk!
Monday 6pm: TerraLoco $5 5K charity series rolls all summer!  Meet at TerraLoco and support this weeks charity.  Often door prizes, always fun!
Tuesday 6:15pm:  Ho Ho Ho it's off to Oxbow we go! Many know the joys of running or hiking the trails of Oxbow, but do you know the joys of doing it with the Southeast Minnesota Trail Runners?!  Join the fun! Meet at the 1st bridge (main picnic area) Bring a beverage and/or something for munching, as the shelters provide a great spot to re-hydrate.
Tuesday 9:30pm:  The Night Crew is hitting the Douglas Trail again... they are gathering at the Trailhead along Valley High Drive near IBM. - It's a great out and back after the sun has set! Typically a parking lot social, as long as they don't get caught!
Wednesday 6pm: Speed on the track in Byron!  The track is located behind the middle school at 601 4th St NW.  Do not be intimidated from joining a track session, this is a place to make yourself a better runner and no matter what your pace, we all finish when we hit the finish line on the 400M track!
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. has a special night planned... and the O'Leary's are the home hosts.  Join us at 805 1st Ave NW in Byron.  The O'Leary's are providing Chicken Wings, Brats, Beer, Water and an acoholic slussee.  If you would like something else to drink, please bring your own, and bring a dish to share.  Also we're planning some yard games with some great trophies, so you would be wise to bring a lawn chair and a competitive spirit!

We're excited to host this night, as we're also celebrating with a Going Away Party for Janelle!  Team R.E.D., Byron Cross Country & Track will all miss her but fine city of Boston and her man Jake get to have her back now!   Come help us send Janelle off with a fun celebration!

Here are Emily and Janelle 'working' with Byron Cross Country....
How can she leave when she already had the greatest job in the land! Coaching!  - photo courtesy of Coach Woo

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