Sunday, May 17, 2015


I'll be busy at the Roll & Stroll for JDRF most of today, so I wanted to get a quick update regarding Volunteers, Monday Maniacs and Tuesday Trails.... check back for details on hills, track and Thursdays Team R.E.D.!

Please email me at if you're interested in any of the following Med City Marathon volunteer opportunities. (If you already emailed me about volunteering you should be getting details on your role late tonight).

Saturday May 23rd

  • 1-3 hour shift at the Team R.E.D. booth at the Med City Marathon Expo between 10am - 7pm. 
  • Mascot Races - you would need to be available from approx 12:30pm - 1:30pm.  We have two mascots to represent.  We'll represent the Team R.E.D. mascot, and the Byron Bear.
Sunday May 24th - you will receive free beer during the following gigs - and front row to Pop Rocks!
  • Post Race Beer Pouring - report as early as 9:30am or let me know if you have different availability
  • Post Race ID Checkers - report as early as 9:30am or let me know if you have different availability
  • Evening Party behind the civic center with Pop Rocks! More ID Checkers and Beer Pourers!

Monday & Tuesday stuff below...

Monday 6pm: Monday's gathering is at Cowboy Jacks in Rochester.  This is a great place to run a flat route, as requested by our Monday Maniac leader, given she just completed 31 miles of hills, mud this weekend!
Tuesday 6:15pm: The Tuesday Trail Crew is heading to Oxbow Park just north of Byron. This is a great place for trail running.  Meet at the 1st bridge (2nd parking lot on the left as you enter the park). - Bring a beverage or snack for a parking lot party if weather permits, otherwise, the Bears Den is just up the road! -

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