Thursday, October 30, 2014

Underwear One-Mile Registration Opens 10/31!

The Team R.E.D. Underwear One-Mile registration opens on Friday 10/31... Pink Boxer Shorts will go to the first 50 registered participants... I had been saying the funds will go to Breast Cancer Research, upon further review, I didn't find an organization that could commit specifically to that purpose.   Therefore, we called an audible, and the proceeds will go to Join the Journey to support their mission of supporting individuals on their Breast Cancer journey.

Of course the following link is slightly warmer weather, but I keep getting questions as to "what type of underwear is ok"... the answer is any!  Come participate, have fun and raise some money for Join the Journey!  Remember, Dec 5th is the kickoff to Brrrr Fest! So plan to join us at the Bears Den post run!

I was also reminded we didn't post any pictures from Mia & Danny's wedding reception.. here are a couple that turned out far better than any I took... it was a great evening for them, and years of happiness & love are in the future for them!  Congrats to Mia & Danny!

Making their entrance.... 
Enjoying the moment... 

We're at the Bears Den tonight.... If you don't already have a headlamp, visit your friendly TerraLoco staff and they will get you dialed in! If you don't get a chance to do that today, come out anyway, wear reflective clothing and you'll be safe in our group of lamps!

 Saturday 7:30am: Off Season Striders get rolling from the back side of Brothers Bar & Grill in Rochester.  Saturday is also All-Saints Day.. so dress appropriately, as you are all mighty saintly!
Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders goes again, this time from Panera South!

Best wishes to all of you running the New York City Marathon, Rails to Trails.. or wherever your legs take you this weekend!

Here's a re-post of the race opportunities and a few reminders of upcoming events!

Inappropriate T-Shirt Night - Tod & Meg are once again hosting Inappropriate T-shirt night!  This years event is Thursday Nov 20th at their home (address and directions will follow in a later post).   If you haven't started looking for ideas yet, it's time!  Remember, nothing is seen as too inappropriate as we are all consenting adults in this activity.  Some people buy shirts, others create their own. If you want ideas.. you can simply google "inappropriate t-shirts" and you'll find some great ideas!  

Winter 5K Series - Don't forget to register for the new Winter 5K Race Series (3 races.. .Nov 15th, Dec 13th and New Years Eve.  Team R.E.D. sponsor TerraLoco is also involved with this series.  You can register for the entire series, or for individual events.

Living History Farms Off Road Race still has some openings.. and a price increase goes into effect tomorrow!   If you're on the fence, get registered today at   and also let me know if you'd like ride the Team R.E.D. bus!  

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