Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bears Den tonight!

See you all at the Bears Den in Byron this evening!  We have an exciting new fundraiser race to discuss!  Think underwear and you'll be on track! No, we're not raising money to buy underwear.. no no no. We'll discuss it tonight.. and share it tomorrow!

What an exciting few weeks of racing!  Members were at the Twin Cities Marathon weekend, at Whistlestop, at Chicago, at Big Woods... and next up Mankato Marathon, then NYC Marathon! You people are everyplace!

If you are going to Mankato this weekend, keep an eye out for Team R.E.D. Member Angela as she is going to tackle her first Marathon!  She'll rock it!

Here's Angela pacing Marv & Teri ... seems she's making them work a little! 


For this weekend... Off Season striders are running both Saturday & Sunday. Each day you can enjoy some coffee and/or breakfast post run, and get to know the other runners even better!

Saturday 7:30am - Gather at Roosters Barn & Grill located along West Circle Drive.
Sunday 8am - The place to be is Charlies on 2nd St SW Rochester.

Of course Saturday evening all Team R.E.D. members are  invited to the Wedding Dance for Mia & Danny!  It's going to be a lot of fun.  Join them in celebration at Events in Kasson... dance takes place from 8pm-midnight.  Join the party!


We'll discuss the week ahead at the Bears Den tonight.. and publish the Monday-Thursday plan tomorrow morning.  Although it looks like the Mayo Clinic's new Sports Facility may be the winner for Oct 23rd.   Check out the poll on the right hand side if you haven't voted yet.

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