Saturday, November 30, 2013

Seeking Volunteers!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day and it continues through the weekend and beyond!

Looking ahead to 2014 and seeking some volunteer coordinators for a few things.  There may be more requests for volunteers in the future, but for right now, these are the roles we're seeking to fill.  

Please email me at if you're interested and available for any of them.  Every role is reasonably easy to fulfill... it's just nice to identify a point of contact for each event.  

2014 Home Host Coordinator -  Adam W  fulfilled the role in 2013, and we'll open it up as an opportunity for another volunteer this year.   The role involves communicating which dates are available for home hosting, and making sure Tom O' knows where/what to communicate regarding a home hosted event.   i.e. "This week we're at Randy and Marilee's place... the theme is 'bring nothing' as they are providing unlimited donuts and french fries".  

Typically, home hosting starts when the weather becomes nice enough to either let people hang out, outside, or at least not track mud into someones home.

Polar Plunge Coordinator Feb 8th- - There has been talk of a Team R.E.D. polar plunge for the Special Olympics and it sounds like a great idea!  Seeking someone to coordinate this effort.   Would entail communicating what it takes to plunge, what the team theme will be, and basically making sure the plungers know where to celebrate pre and post plunge!

Lace Up Against Breast Cancer Water Station coordinator - Feb 9th -   This is a great winter event for a great cause.  Team R.E.D. has had a themed, party type water station, and we're looking for someone to continue that tradition this year!

Millie and Trevor cruising through Team R.E.D. water stop. 

Fetzer 20K to End Hunger water station coordinator.- April 26 (tentative date).  -   This is another water station where Team R.E.D. has had a rockin' and/or country good time!   Organizers have contacted us about being a piece of this great event and we'd love to support them once again!

Team R.E.D. water stop... Cowboy Theme! 

Med City Marathon weekend.May 25th -   Team R.E.D. is once again hosting the post race party... and Tom O'Leary is coordinating the volunteers.  This is a fun volunteer gig!  Please let me know if you're available to volunteer post race. Duties will include, checking id's, serving beer and overall having a great time!   Our Theme is once again, Summer of Love!

Wendy totally understands a summer of love theme! 

Additionally, we'll need people staffing our Team R.E.D. booth at the expo!

Chester Woods Trail Race - June 7th -  Seeking an Aid Station Coordinator for some quality time in the woods!  It takes very few people to staff this station, but it sure is fun as many of the runners stop and chat with the volunteers.   Be careful... last year volunteers ran into a Bear!

Does an bear shit in the woods?
Only when Erin scares him or if he really has to go.

Byron 4-Bagger - special awards to anyone who participates in all 4 of the following events.   Participation as a competitor and/or volunteer makes you eligible. 

  • July 17th - Beer Mile for charity (charity TBD).  Tentatively I have Dan M and Jen S as race directors and they will be seeking volunteers for race day!  Free Beer for volunteers! 
  • July 18th - Seeking a coordinator for a Free Kids 1/2 Mile.. and for a nominal fee, open 1 Mile.  Both to be run on the Good Neighbor Days Parade route 30 Minutes prior to the parade (tentatively 5:30pm).  - we'll also need volunteers at the start / finish lines. 
    • Team R.E.D. will also participate in the parade!   
  • July 19th - Byron Good Neighbor Days 5K directed by Charro.  Always seeking volunteers at registration, along the course and finish line. This is a great family event with lots of prizes every year. 
  • July 20th - Trail Race at Oxbow Park to complete the 4-bagger.   This event is directed by trail king Jim Mason.  We'll need volunteers to help mark the course, registration, aid station and finish line.   
Volunteers work hard at the beer mile! 

A few other notes:

Ragbrai 2014  :   Be sure to contact Gwen at if you're interested in Joining Team R.E.D. at Ragbrai in 2014!   Sounds like it's going to be a party on wheels!  

2014 USA Track & Field Events:  Tom O'Leary will communicate the schedule, and as each individual event approaches we'll seek someone to coordinate carpools/caravans 
for the races.  

Tough Mudder / Warrior Dash / Gamehaven / Living History Farms...   all of these events are great team building events!   If you're interested in coordinating themes, car pools or keeping people on track for registration.  Let me know! 

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