Sunday, October 27, 2013


This is a quick post as I have a date with some Marines.

Results from races are pouring in!   Congrats to all of you completing various versions of Surf the Murph... Congrats to you all in the Monster Dash... and congrats to those staying closer to home with the Spirit Run!  

A couple more events take place today as Team R.E.D. members travel to Wisconsin for the Haunted Hustle full or half marathon.... while others are in the nations capital preparing for the Marine Corp Marathon.  Here's to some great running, and more importantly, fantastic friendships!


Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs hit the Douglas Saloon!  Come out for 3-6 miles on the trail before settling into the saloon for a bit of social time.  Park in the parking lot along the trail in Douglas and join the fun!

Tuesday 6:15pm:  Tuesday's Trail crew is staying local at a great park.   Meet at Dan Loviks House at 1504 7th St NE . From there we will run on the smoother trails of Quarry Hill. Quarry Hill historian will make shivers run up your spine with true tales of horror. Make sure you bring a head lamp it will be dark.

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