Friday, February 24, 2017

A busy Sunday ahead!

Cindy Morgan was right (again)! - We got a snowstorm! The Douglas Saloon was a great place for the social, with music, Giant Jenga and Grant teaching O'Leary how to play pool!

Chris, Dana, Claire, Randy, Adam, Shane, Mike, Brian & Grant

Careful decision making

The celebration!

March 11th - The St Patricks Day bus is filling up... about 6-8 spots remain!  If you want to spend a day with Team R.E.D. at the Lucky Palooza St Patricks Day Celebration -  drop an email to the Chms at   You do not need to be a Team R.E.D. member to attend, and there is NO RUNNING INVOLVED!   St Paul does a great job celebrating this holiday, get your green on and join the fun!

Saturday 7:15am:  The Saturday Long Run from the RAC is a 10 and a half'ish distance.  This group creates one of the best environments for the long run.  Many abilities, paces and great aide stations!  Check out Team R.E.D's Bubbles serving up the fun - there's actually a lot of Team RED members in the pic below, I spy.....

ahhh the smiles of the long run!  

Sunday 8am: Off Season Striders is heading to Panera South. This is a great location to hit the trails if they're clear, or find the mean streets if they are not! - lots of options, of course, coffee and/or breakfast after!
Sunday 9am:  Several R.E.D. members are planning a long run from the Bears Den in Byron. The plan is 16 miles with loops of 5-6 miles to stop for nutrition at your car.  You can run 1-2-3-4 or as many loops as you want.  Stop in the Den after for coffee, breakfast, breakfast-beer or whatever you choose!
Sunday 1pm: Let's keep this snow around and hit Oxbow Park for a snowshoe adventure!  I advise staying off the river however.  Meet at the first bridge of Oxbow (2nd parking lot on the left as you enter the park).  If you don't have snowshoes, come anyway, we often have extras available, and the park office rents them for $3!
Monday 6pm:  The feb-BREW-ary cycle continues! This time we'll meet at Forager for a great run, and come back for some great fun!  Monday's are always fun... join !
Tuesday 6:15pm:  It's Fat Tuesday and the Tuesday Trail crew is rocking - this week we'll head to Gamehaven for about 5 miles of fun.. then Whistle Binkies on the Lake, and keep in mind, the celebration is a great one with the Turkey River All Stars laying down a Dixie Land sound!
Tuesday 9pm:  The Night Owls are heading back to Beetles, given a few inches of snow have covered the trail and a parking lot party is chilly willy! - Plan to hit the mean streets of Rochester and come back for a social with friends!
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is at the Bears Den in Byron.  Our streets were plowed before I got out of bed today, and I anticipate the trails will be cleared soon as well! Let's get after it with routes of 3, 4 or 6 miles and come back for the social!

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