Monday, December 5, 2016

Here's a quick peek at the rest of the week!

Tonight 6pm:  LTS is the spot! Can't make it by 6? Join around 7pm for a beverage and social!
Tuesday 6:15pm:  Eastwood park in Rochester is the location for the Trail Running Crew!  Join the fun! Park at the main lot along Hwy 14 - and prepare for the Wicked Moose and taco's afterwards!
Tuesday 9pm:  The Night Owls continue to impress along the Douglas Trail. Meet at the trail-head on Valley High Road in Rochester, next to IBM and get your miles before you dream your smiles!
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is heading to the Bears Den for a fun run, walk and/or social!  Join us for routes of 3, 4 or 6 miles - or really whatever you prefer, and come back to chit chat and meet some people!

The Weekend has fun too! - I'm sure Off Season Striders will have morning group runs, but I haven't seen them yet.  - I'll update that when available.  

  • Saturday 8am:  Santas On the Run takes place at A Childs Kingdom! - This is a fun event that many Team R.E.D. members participated in the past. Get your santa costume and have a blast! For more information follow this link.
  • Saturday 7-9pm:  It's Ugly Sweater Bowling! Not our first rodeo either!   Get decked out for the holidays and join us in Byron for a fun night at Sandbaggers (under new ownership). 
  • Notes regarding bowling
    • Straight Cash Homie - Randy Moss  
    • Sandbaggers is currently a cash only business as they are still setting up! 
    • The set-up will be just a bit different this year due to the new construction phase with the kitchen. The cost this year is just for the bowling at $10. All beer, wine, mixed drinks, soda and frozen pizzas will be available for you to purchase. 
    • We may also bring in some small snacks, chips, etc. (no drinks) since their kitchen is not complete. If you plan on bringing some snacks etc, please provide any plates, bowls and utensils too for your snack. 
    • If you won a trophy last year, remember, these are traveling, we need it back!  - Hopefully you'll be here to defend your title! 
    • A nice little prize for the Champion Bowler will be awarded.
    • Reminder: the cost is $10.00 at the door plus whatever you want to spend. 
    • We will draw for lane assignments and winners will keep advancing to a final 4 and one wild card....Winner take all!

    Dec 19th 6pm:  Caroling on the Run from Cowboy Jacks! This is a Monday Night event and a highlight for many members! 
    • We ask that you bring a cash donation of any amount you are comfortable with.  In the past most donations have been in the range of 10-30 dollars.  
    • Do not worry about how much you can donate... it's a general pot, we are not asking for a minimum donation, nor are we tracking what any one individual contributed.  Your generosity and spirit of giving already shows by putting yourself into such a unique situation... singing to strangers and doing something nice! 
    • We''ll run to 2-3 restaurants, surprise the customers and staff with 2 songs and then before we leave, we'll buy some meals for some of the customers in the restaurant.  - super fun... then off to the next stop! 
    • Do not worry about how fast you are... we make sure we all arrive before we go in.  Walkers take an alternate route from runners, and we all arrive roughly the same time and go in as a team. 

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