Monday, November 7, 2016

Holy Cats! We have more group runs!

Happy Election Day to you! - vote your conscious and then join a group run!  
  • Tuesday 6:15PM: The Tuesday Trail Crew - SE MN Trail Runners are heading to Bill Barnicale Woodlands.  If you're not familiar with this hide-away you can meet the group and caravan to the space... details below.. Plan for a social in a warm cozy location nearby.  
    • We'll run the old stagecoach trail thru Bill Barnacle Woodlands. If you're feeling adventurous feel free to run some of the single track mountian bike trails. Meet at the old BP gas station (now Minnoco) near the Rochester KOA on Highway 52 south of I-90 to caravan out to the site.
  • Tuesday 9:30pm:  The Night Owls continue the fun along the Douglas Trail... meet at the trail head located on Valley High Drive near IBM.  It's a great group... dedicated to not running into any trees! - It's safe to say, "no trees have been harmed in a Night Owl run"
  • Wednesdays - the track is pretty dang dark by the time most people get off work.  Watch the Facebook page for Wednesdays updates - if you want some sort of speed or tempo, you will learn about it there. 

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