Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wow! The Success Keeps Building!

A very nice turnout at the Hill Workout on Wednesday.  It's turning out that Soldiers Field is a good place to meet new runners, we met another last night and hope to see her join us soon!

Below are a couple of pics courtesy of Gwen and Woo...

Some of us didn't run... well just me!  
What is a hill workout?  Everyone is doing the same repeats on the same hill..  you may or may not be in the lead group, but you are still on the same hill!   Remember, with workouts like this 

"It doesn't get easier, you simply get better!" - Byron CC 2013 (ha.. a little plug as I am fond of Byron CC) 

Just work baby! 

Tuesdays Trail run at Oxbow sounded successful as well!   Note there were a handful of hikers in that group, do not be afraid to join us, even if you're not running!  We are all in this together, get fit, be strong and have some great times!


Best Wishes to all those doing the Superior Endurance Runs this weekend!  There are a lot of R.E.D. members taking part, I'm sure you'll have great results, and super stories to share!  Go get it! 


Group Run/Walk/Hike Opportunities! 

  • Tonight we're back at the Bears Den Byron at 6pm!  The storms seem to be holding off, so good times for sure!  Join us for a run or walk, 3, 4 or 6 miles (or really, whatever you want!).  
  • Saturdays Long run is at 7am at the RAC in Rochester.  The group is out for 17 miles of marathon prep!  If you'd like something shorter, the half marathon will be approx 8-9 miles of supported training, supported with water gatorade and volunteers! Thanks so much for volunteering R.E.D!
  • Sunday the Off Season striders will be out and about.. they always are.  I just don't know the details yet! - check back!
  • Sunday - Rochester Track Club hosts their annual picnic.  See details below. 
    • Celebrate the season by joining other Rochester Track club members for the annual picnic this coming Sunday! Hot dogs, burgers, chips, pop, water and paper goods are all provided!   Please bring a side dish or sweet treat to share!

    • The picnic will be held at 5pm at Soldiers Field Park picnic shelter.     
      Please consider coming early  and getting trashed! RTC Volunteers will be meeting at 4:30pm  to do a quick (but always fun) trash pick-up on the bike trail adjacent to  Broadway and Hwy 14 (along the golf course).  We'll meet  in the small Soldiers Field Park parking lot  on Broadway, directly west of Snappy Stop.    Trash bags and latex gloves are provided.  Hope to see you there!
  • Last Sunday we did an evening hike... is there interest in a regularly scheduled hike?  I know in the past we hiked based on the Minnesota Vikings game time.   A noon game meant a 3:30pm or 4pm hike... while a late game meant a noon hike.  Please email me at if this is something that interests you.  We will continue it if we think we have people interested! 
    • Note: emailing me is not a commitment to being there every Sunday, it simple gives us a feel for how many people might be engaged in such a thing.  Personally, I would love to see more walkers and hikers engaged in weekly activity with R.E.D! 


Race Opportunities

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