Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Weekend has Arrived!

Here we wishes to those of you we know are out and about on adventures.  Some are in Fargo, while others are at Madeline Island!  - Have fun and run well!

Also.. let's hear it for Reggie Oeltjen as he is running Border to Border at 65 Years Old!  That's South Dakota to Wisconsin! -  For those who don't know Reggie, one thing I can tell you is he is caring and full of life! - He's an amazing volunteer, and here's a little known fact, he's one of two Life-Time Members of Team R.E.D.   ----   Now, over these next weeks, he's giving himself a challenge and sharing it with us... Go Reggie!

 His daughter Natalie is his primary support. If any of us are able to run a leg with him it would be awesome! - he has planned his run to try to get through our region during the Med City Marathon.. that'll be fun!  - If you're available to try to group run with Reggie near the marathon weekend, he'll be nearby... let me know at and I'll make sure our group is connected!

Check out Reggie's Blog and don't be afraid to comment..I'm sure he'll love the support! In this blog he shares a lot about the run, and about the 'why' and 'what's happening out there" ...  

He has also asked Cindy Morgan to give him less head-wind.. I'm not sure if he's suggesting she's talking too much, but if that's the case, once he's past Austin, it'll be tail wind!  ... kidding Cindy, just kidding! 

Saturday 7:15am:  The marathon and half marathon training is winding down... as many spring/summer marathons are now  upon us! - Join this weekends run from the Rochester Athletic Club before a short break and prep for the fall season begins!
Sunday 8am:  The Off Season Striders are heading to Charlies Pub and Eatery at Hillcrest.  This is a fun place to gather and puts us in a new territory to explore!

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