Friday, April 3, 2015

Grandmas Lodging

One room has opened up in the Team R.E.D. block at St Scholastica.  Contact Gwen at if you're interested in joining the fun!  * Note: the rates at the dorms are excellent, especially compared to the hotel lodging prices!

Check out Thursday nights crew out of the Bears Den... it was a lot of fun and more joined us as the evening progressed!

Front: Jill, Stephanie, Dave, Gwen, Ann, Elaine, Jess, Dawn, Shane
Back: Shannon, Dan, Tom, Wendy, Jim, Bob, Dana, Sarah, Aaron

Congratulations are past due for Team R.E.D. member Shannon Howard as she completed her first Half Marathon at the Return of the Robin!  Nice work Shannon! 

Below she is pictured celebrating the finish... the lower left pic contains three R.E.D. members with Shannon, joined by Jill & Mark!  - Nice job all! 

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