Sunday, April 19, 2015

Another Week... More Opportunities!

Be sure to track our friends running the Boston Marathon on Monday!  You can get the tracking information at the following link... it's sure fun to watch the progress!

Below are some of the pictures showing up on Facebook... I'm looking forward to seeing all our local runners success on Monday!  - You can also search who is in the race by name, city or a variety of criteria by following this link

Tom, Dave, Andy, Gwen, Lorelei & Andy getting ready to celebrate with 26.2 Miles of goodness!
Dan & Jess enjoying that Boston feeling...
Sarah & Anna Discovered in Boston
Shaun doing it right.. staying off his feet
The Crew at Cheers!


Monday 6pm: The Monday Maniacs are trying a new location, join the fun at Carlos O'Kelly's along the frontage road on Hwy 52 North in Rochester.  This locations provides the option of finishing with with Chips, Salsa and a Margaritas is you like!
Tuesday 5:30pm; The Hillbillies are meeting at the parking lot of Edina Realty across from the TJ Maxx Plaza. This is a great workout, hill repeats! Join them and get stronger!
Tuesday 6pm:  TerraLoco hosts it's Charity 5K run.  Bring a $5 contribution to TerraLoco and join the fun!
Tuesday 6:15pm:  The Tuesday Trail crew is hitting Whitewater State Park.  Gather in the parking lot near the nature store.  This is a great place for running trails, and a great place for the post run celebration... depending on the weather, it'll either be a parking lot party, or a short trip to Mauer Bros!  Both are great options!
Wednesday 6pm:  Speedwork on the track in Byron (located behind the Middle School on 4th Street). This is another wonderful opportunity to work on getting faster.  No matter your current speed, you can benefit from a track workout, and you are never alone, as we're all within 400M of each other at all times!
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. heads to Brothers Bar & Grill on Broadway in Rochester.  Please park in the back and meet near the back entrance for the route talk.  Plan to run or walk 3-6 miles and enjoy the post workout social!

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