Friday, December 11, 2015

Successful Caroling!

Nice job Team R.E.D.!  It was a fun and successful evening of caroling on the run!  So many laughs.... so many smiles... and we only made one kid cry (that we know of).  

We also had a new member join us last night!  We love new members!

Pictures of the caroling and our newest member will post later....

Saturday 8am:  Santas on the Run! - You can still register for this fun event from 4-8pm this evening at A Child's Kingdom in Rochester... and you can register between 6:45-7:45am Saturday morning.  Get out and have some fun in a Santa Suit!
Saturday 7am:  Off Season Striders are meeting at Dunn Bros on Elton Hills.  (if you're not racing with the Santas, this is another chance to get some miles and, of course, gather for the post workout social.
Sunday 8am:  The Off Season Striders meet at Brothers Bar & Grill on South Broadway.  Another great chance to get active this weekend!  Park behind brothers and depending on the weather, either gather in the parking lot, or inside the back door.
Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are heading to the Taphouse in Rochester.  What a fun, downtown location! - we can go just about any direction as long as we find our way back for the social!

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