Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas is upon us... and the group runs continue!

Here's a look at a few runs that have popped onto the radar the past few days! - including two opportunities on Thursday morning.  We'll have no official Team R.E.D. run that evening (Christmas Eve).

  • Thursday 7am:  Byron Elementary School parking lot.  - There is a group that is planning to run regularly in the mornings in Byron and I'll try to share times/locations here!  (typically it would be a much earlier start, but with the Christmas holiday they have slid it back a bit for this Thursday).  
    • The group run is planned for 3 miles, but a couple are meeting at 6:30am to preload a few and then join the 7am crew.  Join us!
  • Thursday 8am:  Renee is in town! - She's with a group running from the Canadian Honker and coming back for breakfast.  As is typical, Renee is offering a fine bribe in the form of cookies! 
  • Friday 10:30am:  Tom, Megan and Dale are getting out for a Christmas day run!  - The more the merrier!  Meet at the RAC and join the crew for some fun miles.   
  • Saturday 7;30am:  The Off Season Striders are cruising from Newts North along Hwy 52.  This is a fun location to run from, and back too! Enjoy the post run/walk social.  
  • Sunday 8am: It's Dunn Bros North for Off Season Striders.  Once again, get your miles in running or walking, then come back to chit chat with a breakfast coffee or treat. 
  • Sunday 9am:  The 507 Trail Running crew is going to Quarry Hill for a group run. The plan is to celebrate the fitness at Daubes Bakery.
Note:  Next week we are not planning an official Thursday night Team R.E.D. run due to New Years Eve.  We'll hold our Team R.E.D. run on Wednesday at 6pm instead.   


Another reminder below regarding a couple of upcoming races.... and stay tuned for details on the Chester Woods Races, they are still a go and scheduled for June 4th!  

  • Jan 2nd:  Polar Bear 5K Prediction Run - This event is not won by the fastest, rather by the person who can best predict their finish time.  You are not allowed to wear a watch, or anything that helps you track time.  
  • Jan 9th:  Winter Race Series - the 5K series enters the 2nd race of the three.  It's not too late to join the series as it's a three race series, but your top two times are what count in the scoring.  So even if you missed the first race you can get in the action now!  --   Also, you can run this race as an individual event, and not worry about the entire series!    More info found at

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