Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What's the weekend looking like? 70 and Sunny!

Tuesday's trail run was a big hit at Oxbow... there were quite a few new faces  and the group really motored through the trails!  We took the 5 mile look of lower trail to the meadow and then back on the upper trail, including Maple - I hear it was the opposite direction from the usual route.  We all made it back and there were only a couple of tumbles! 

Front left to right:  Peter, David, Mariah, Kim, Cathy, Sarah, Meagan, Christina, Ann, Aaron, Adam (with Finn on his back) and Steve   Back left to right: Mike, Derrick, David, Chris, Larry - not pictured, but present Josh & Tom 


Volunteers Needed!  

We are still seeking volunteers for our Team R.E.D. water stop for the Healthy Human Races on Aug 22nd. Our job is to make it fun for the runners and provide water / Gatorade!   Did I mention Team R.E.D. is providing Free Beer for volunteers and any runners who choose to partake?  

Given we are a quality group of waterstoppers, we've been granted the task of supporting both the 5K and the Half marathon.  Please let me know if you can help as it's always a blast! You can bring your kids, they often love to have this volunteer role!  

As a team our commitment is from 6:45am to 10am... however, we can likely do shifts.  So if you are available for any portion of that time, please let me know!  The busiest time will be during he 5K  from 6:45am to about 7:30am..  During the half marathon, runners will be quite spread out as they reach 12 miles, and we can staff with less volunteers.  Although, don't forget there is free beer, some come hang out and help and cheer at the 12 mile mark of the half marathon!  

Also remember, volunteering is one of the easiest ways to meet other members!  Come join us!  


Here we go!  

  • Wednesday 6pm:  Speedwork on the Track at Soldiers Field tonight!  Please Note the change this week to Soldiers Field in Rochester.  Woo has a plan to make you fast! 
  • Thursday 6pm:  It's a home host night!  You are invited to the O'Leary's at 805 1st Ave NW, Byron.  I have 3 routes planned, about 2.5 miles, 3.5 miles and 6 miles...  the two longer routes include an opportunity to run one loop of the Byron High School Cross Country couse!   We'll come back for a backyard social!  
    • O'Leary's are providing Beer in two varieties Gluten Full and Gluten Free!, Alcoholic-Slush and Non-Alcoholic Water. 
    • Additionally, we'll have Grilled Chicken Sandwiches... if you'd like to bring a dish to share, that's awesome.  We have a lot of chairs, but you might consider a lawn chair just in case.  
  • Saturday 7am:  The Marathon Training long runs from the RAC are reaching full strength!  This week's run is a 20 Miler.  Bring $1 to help support the bananas and Gatorade provided along the route, there are 5 aid stations this week!  Here is a link to the the route courtesy of Jim...
  • Saturday 8am:  There's a unique distance in Spring Valley this weekend.  You can race a 6K as part of the Ag Days celebration!   Check out the details at the following link.

  • Sunday 7:30am:  The Off Season Striders are out and about. They will gather at the People's Food Coop located at 519 1st Ave SW Rochester. Join this group for 6-10 miles, or any distance you choose, and enjoy the post workout social! 
Home Host Dates updated:  We picked up a home host for Aug 27th... so the dates below are the next ones available.  Let Don know if you're interested in having this fun group at your place!  

Sept 10th
Oct 8th
Oct 22nd
Oct 29th

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