Friday, August 21, 2015

The weekend has arrived!

You all are non-stop!  

Jeremy and Jess Run for the Melon!  
Jeremy and Jess represented well at Run for the Melon!  Jeremy hammered out 2nd in his age group for the 10K, and Jess ran the 5K finishing... wait for it.... wait for it... she was the top woman!  Way to go you two!
  • Saturday 7am:  The Healthy Human Race Half Marathon, Relay and 5K get underway!  Best wishes to all of you who are competing, pacing or out for a stroll!   You can find more details about the event at
    • If you're not planning to run in the Healthy Human Race, consider joining the Team R.E.D. aid station!  You'll meet some people, enjoy many laughs, and get to watch the race unfold.  Our aid station is supporting both the 5K and the Half Marathon. 
      • Our Theme is Beer!  ServiceMaster of Rochester is providing their sound system, and Dan has the Beer Mile playlist to fit out theme.   Team R.E.D. is providing beer for the volunteers, and you can share some with any runners who choose to partake.   
      • What mile marks are we supporting?  Mile 1.8 of the 5K and Mile 12 of the half marathon. 
      • Where is our location?   We are at the end of 7th St SW where it meets the trail near the Highway 14 Beltline (across from Apache Mall)     
      • When to arrive? Arrive 6:45am as we are supporting the 5K first.. then we'll have a pause for drinking and strategizing how to best support the half marathon!   
      • How long will we be volunteering?  Anticipated time commitment is 6:45am-9:45am.   
      • What if? Some have already told me they need to leave early, that's ok.. the 5K will be a flurry of activity.. the half marathon will be manageable with less people, and by the time the half marathoners arrive, I suspect we'll pick up some help from Team R.E.D.ers who competed in the 5K.     
      • What to wear? Wear either your Team R.E.D. shirt, or a beer related costume, outfit. I think I'll be in a Team R.E.D. shirt.   
      • What if I know someone else who wants to help?  Bring them along!   
  • Sunday 7:30am:  Off Season Striders is meeting at Panera South to log some miles, and some great social time post run or walk. Join the group, it's fun! 
  • Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are heading to LTS Brewing Company located at 2001 32nd Ave NW, Rochester.  What a fun place to get your workout in!   Of course, come back and enjoy! 
  • Tuesday 6pm:  TerraLoco Charity Series continues.. bring $5 and make a big difference to a local charity!  This store is a great asset to our community, enjoy the evening!  
  • Tuesday 6:15pm:  The Tuesday Trail Crew is heading to Eastwood Park in Rochester!  Always fun to run the zigging and zagging trails out there!   Bring your own beverage for a parking lot party! 

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