Sunday, August 30, 2015

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If you're seeking part-time employment, and interested in connecting it with the running community, see Tiffany at TerraLoco!

Applicants should be outgoing, flexible, highly motivated, and be
active in the local running community. In addition to sales experience,
the ideal candidate will have experience or skills in any or all of the following:

Marketing/Social Media
Event Planning
Graphic Design
Bookkeeping/Inventory Management

We offer great discounts, a fun work environment, flexible scheduling,
and competitive pay.
Interested in being part of the TerraLoco team?

Applicants should send letter of interest and resume to:
Tiffany Piotrowicz


Lin sent a very nice Thank You email to the Team R.E.D. address.  I'm sharing it below, as it demonstrates how much it takes put pull off an event like that.  See below... 

A sincere thank you for making the Healthy Human Race Weekend an overwhelming success. Your gift of time, effort, and talent contributed so much in supporting the 31st annual event with Scheels and the Rochester Track Club. We have had hundreds of very positive comments from those who participated in the 5K and half marathon events.
 Too many times to count, the runners acknowledged the volunteers mentioning how great they were and in several cases indicating they were the best ever. I am so proud of all of you. You truly are the best and poured your hearts and souls into this day making it the very best it can be for all participants. You are the core of the Scheels Healthy Human race and the real reason for its success!!!
236 volunteers for:
  • Packet pickup
  • Course marshals
  • Water stations
  • Set up and clean up at the start and finish lines
  • Securing food for the finish line
  • Post race food distribution
  • Medical
  • Sag wagon to ensure safety of the walkers along the route
  • Half marathon relay monitors
  • Finish line
  • Pacers
  • Announcer
  • setting the course and tearing the course down
  • Gold Cross Ambulance
  • Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine.
  • Lead Cyclists

Sure there are times when things are frustrating and sometime disappointing, when you ask yourself why, when the days are endless and sleep seems non-existent….but then race day arrives and you see the excitement in the crowd at the start line,  the first time runners, those running for a cause, minutes (5K) or hours (half marathon) later you finally see those same runners cross the finish line sweaty, with smiles, tears of joy, running across the finish line with family and friends, kids cheering on their parents and grandparents, the constant stream of thank yous from the participants, high fives, hugs, and handshakes everywhere. Then you know “you done good”. YOU made it happen!!!!
 You did make the difference and were an invaluable contributor in making this event happen. As a volunteer, you were absolutely essential in the execution of this event and there is no way this could have occurred without each and every one of you. Your compassion to all participants, walkers, and runners, and the behind the scenes activity serves as an inspiration for all of us. Your dedication and the skill and enthusiasm with which you carried out your responsibilities was comparable to none. Everyone was treated with respect and kindness no matter what your task involved.
 All those months of planning come together in those few hours on a Saturday morning in August. Hundreds of volunteers have made possible an experience that most participants will remember for a very long time. And then simply, shortly after the final runner crosses the finish line, volunteers tear down the finish line, pick up the garbage, put Solders Field Park back to its peaceful nature, and life goes on. Next year we will do it all again because we have an outstanding community with tremendous and very giving volunteers who truly know what it means to give to others unselfishly.
 Simply stated, without the dedication and hard work of all of you, it would have been absolutely impossible to implement the Healthy Human Race and all the effort it encompassed. Thank you so very much. Words could never comprehend your importance. Your time, your commitment, and your services will long be remembered. We hope you will plan on joining us once again on August 20, 2016, for the 32nd annual Healthy Human Race.
 Thank you, thank you. We did it!!!!

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