Sunday, December 14, 2014

Quick Reminders

Great fun!
There's a new poll on the right hand side of the blog.  Please vote.  It's good to know what works and what doesn't.  If you have any other reasons you enjoy or do not enjoy Team R.E.D. please feel free to email me at   .  Any emails on this topic will be between us, as we are always thinking about how we can improve!
  • Monday at 6pm - We'll be at Douglas Saloon!  Gather at the parking lot along the trail.  We'll run an out and back, then hit the most comfortable chairs in any Social Club in Minnesota!  
    • Also remember (the following Monday 12/22) is Team R.E.D Christmas Caroling on the Run!  Please check your schedule and try to make sure you can join us for this fun night of giving!    I'll have the lyrics available (and it will be a limited playlist... probably 2 songs so we can get good at them!)  -- We'll ask each person to make a financial contribution to help us buy some meals for strangers!   
  • Tuesday at 6pm - Join us as we support TerraLoco and their Customer Appreciation Night benefiting Toys for Tots! Please bring a $5 contribution and a Toy!  
    • Team R.E.D. members have always been very generous, and selecting a toy for a stranger can be a very powerful thing for both the contributor and the recipient!  Together we'll make a great impact with some quality toys! 
    • Note: the first 100 people to bring a toy, receive a Free pair of socks valued between $10-$20!  TerraLoco rocks on with the socks on! 
    • Note II:  TerraLoco is providing snacks and beverages (some of them adult oriented beverages! Nuun-A-Ritas.... yes... it's a Margarita made with Nuun Electrolyte products! 
  • Wednesday's hill workout is cancelled for this week.  It will return... simply didn't work out this week. 
  •  Thursday 6am:  The speed session takes place at RCTC indoor track. As always, bring dry shoes to wear on the track. 
  • Thursday 4:45pm:  A couple of us are running a Progressive Run before the official Team R.E.D. run.. meet at the Bears Den.   What is a Progressive Run?  We'll run 7.5 miles, starting at 10/min mile and picking up the pace at each mile mark... last half mile is cool-down.  Upon completion, you can join the 6pm RED for more miles.. or hit the bar!  
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is at the Bears Den in Byron. Join us for another great night! 
  • Saturday 12/20 7am: The Annual Team R.E.D. / O.S.S. Breakfast Run & Fun from Charlies!  Please dress in a festive spirit, bring a contribution for the food shelf and bring cash for your breakfast buffet! Exact change sure makes life better.. please bring exact change. 

I've posted the Team R.E.D. member results for the Winter 5K Series.  I've posted results from each of the first two races... keep in mind it's a 3-race series.  Runners can drop their slowest time, and the top two finishes will be compiled to determine a winner.  The final race is scheduled for the afternoon of New Years Eve.

It's shaping up to be quite a dual in the 51-55 Women's division as Sonja and Lorelei are neck & neck as we approach race #3.

Generous prizes are offered in every age group.
1st place age group wins a pair of shoes from TerraLoco!
2nd place age group wins a $60 gift card at Appolo Liquor!  Unless, of course, it's an underage age group - they will receive a replacement prize.
3rd place age group wins a $25 gift card at Rochester Cycling!

Complete results can be found at

Male                                                    Female                                
Age 21-25  
Race #2   2nd Eric Klein                   3rd Megan Burke
Race #1 1st Eric Klein                      3rd Megan Burke               
Age 26-30 
Race #2    1st Frank Suera
Race #1 2nd Frank Suera
Age 31-35  
Race #2   2nd Oliver Tobin                1st Marisa Vaughn
Race #1 3rd Olivier Tobin                 1st Marisa Vaughn
9th Dave Gutekunst
Age 36-40
Race #2                                               3rd Sarah Champman
                                              6th Becky Tri
Race #1                                               5th Sarah Chapman
Age 46-50
Race #2    1st Tom O'Leary               6th Wendy O'Leary
Race #1 1st Tom O'Leary                  6th Wendy O'Leary
Age 51-55
Race #2     1st Tom Woo                       1st Lorelei Hanson
    2nd Shaun Palmer               2nd Sonja Kranz
                                                4th Jean Murray
                                                6th Amy Anshus
                                                7th Julie Colvin
Race #1 1st Tom Woo                          1st Sonja Kranz
2nd Shaun Palmer                  2nd Lorelei Hanson
                                               4th Amy Anshus
                                                5th Jean Murray
                                                6th Julie Colvin
Age 55-60
Race #2                                                1st Gwen Jacobson
                                               2nd Cathy Torgersen
                                               6th Sue Meyers
Race #1                                                1st Gwen Jacobson
                                               2nd Cathy Torgersen
                                               5th Sue Meyers
Age 61 & Up
Race #2     2nd Roger Heil
Race #1 1st Roger Heil

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