Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Quick Pics from Caroling

I hope everyone can enjoy this holiday season!  Below are a few pics from our Caroling session.  We may have been few in numbers, but we were strong in voice and charitable giving!  We caroled at John Hardy's, Perkins and Denny's!    We left a gift of cash with each cashier and asked them to use it to pay for meals for their customers until the money runs out!

Very nice work Team R.E.D.!   I'm proud to be connected with all of you!

Dan, Shane, Sarah, Gwen, Christina, Don, Marisa, Eric & Courtney! 

No lip syncing here! 

One of our greatest fans.. this man was smiling from the time we walked in!

All group runs that I'm aware of are posted in the previous post.  That post also notes any group runs that I'm aware are on hold until after the festivities of the Holiday season.  

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