Sunday, February 16, 2014

What a week ahead! Going to be fun!

We'll start this post with an update regarding Roger.  His family is so very thankful for all the thoughts and prayers that are coming their way.  It means more then you may imagine.. the outpouring is so strong!

Roger had some strong moments today, yet with an approach to allow his body to fully rest, aiding overall recovery, he is still sedated.  You can visit him at St Marys, and Joyce welcomes your visit... however, Roger is sedated, so please prepare yourself to realize you won't be chatting with him.

He's one of the best men I have ever met.. he's fit, he's happy and he's super nice.  Keep sending those prayers.  Many of use believe in the power of prayer, and if you don't, pray anyway.


The weather is moving the right direction and it sure seems attitudes are as well!   Roger was present at each of the events today....  many members asking, praying for a strong/quick recovery.  

The Off Season Striders post run was a rockin' laugh out loud event!   Then the snowshoe crew loaded two hours of shoeing and lit up the Bears Den with laughter and fun!    Let's keep it rolling!

During snowshoe.. we found heaven on snow.. it was an incredible space to stumble upon, and following all the effort to get up there.. the reward was fantastic!  Nobody had been there before us.. and it became a great playground!


Here's a look at the week ahead!  

Monday 6pm:  The Maniacs are heading to Beetles Bar & Grill for a walk or run.   This location always provides a safe, dry sidewalk to scoot downtown!   Of course, there's post run / walk fun!
Tuesday 5:30pm:  The Indoor track at RCTC is the scene of another speed session!   Want to get faster?  Join this workout!
Tuesday 6:15pm:  The Trail crew is planning on a snowshoe hike at Oxbow after dark!  Meet at the first bridge (which is the 2nd parking lot area as you enter the park).   Post shoeing social is at the Bears Den.
Wednesday 6pm:  A new weekly run is picking up steam.  We'll call it Naked Wednesday, and who wouldn't like a Naked Wednesday!   Head to Dooley's for this run!
Thursday 5:30am:  Progressive Run from the RAC... we'll have paces for anyone who wants to join.  Just let me know how fast you want your last mile to be, and I'll walk you through a plan that will progress to the target time!
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is heading to the Bears Den in Byron. As we always do.. workout and celebrate!  Routes of 3, 4 or 6 miles available!
Saturday 7:15am: The marathon training long run heads out from the RAC.   You do not need to be a RAC member, or a team red, rtc member.. just go run!  Bring a dollar to contribute to the food/drink provided by volunteers!
Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders will have a run.. location is TBD.   This is another great group run, get engaged with it!
Sunday 1pm:  The Snowshoe Crew has a party plan in the works.  A giant party plan that involves a great workout, and the most fun you may have ever had on snow!   Check back for details of this event!

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