Thursday, February 20, 2014

Snow? What Snow?

The Progressive run was lightly attended this morning.  If this workout is something you're interested in but you just haven't tried it yet, drop me an email at and let me know what is keeping you from coming so far?   Is it start time? Is it the day of the week?  Is it the workout itself?    Let me know what you think...


Great news regarding Roger's recovery... He's alert and able to take visitors again.  He had been wearing a neck brace that had been agitating the heck out of him, and that is now off...  the last report from Lin described him as upbeat with a good sense of humor.
 --- That's excellent to hear. Go Roger. Go Roger. Go Roger.


Keep an eye on today's weather, and be safe when it comes to travel.... and if the weather permits, I look forward to seeing many of you at the Bears Den for Team RED tonight!


A new fun run is coming to Rochester.. this one is held at Gamehaven Scout Camp, and we know we always have fun there!   It's an inflatable 5K... big inflatables for big boys and girls, like us!

A special Thanks to Mike S for setting up a Team R.E.D. team for the 9am wave... to register with Team R.E.D. you'll just need to visit the following link and know the information below.

9am Wave
Team Name is Team R.E.D.
Password is redfun

Here's one note from the Insane 5K website...

Food & Beverages

(FACT - adult beverages taste better after exercising)
Running the Insane Inflatable 5K course is going to make you hungry, it’s a given. It will even probably make you crave a cold beer too. Don’t worry, we’ll have both and we’ll make sure to serve the “good stuff."

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