Friday, February 21, 2014

Oh.. the snow did show up!

It was a fun night at Team R.E.D. as we closed down the Den!  We did have a few others join for the D portion of the evening... Annette & Paul snowmobiled to meet us... and Marley showed up with a big old hat, wondering when he will get his Team R.E.D. shirt (he became a member at the Beer Mile, I suppose we should get him a shirt soon!)

Tom & Adam... it wasn't safe to drive, so we ran!

Not sure if Adam sees the bear behind him!

It's a little bit of a winter wonderland. 

Also, a great update for Roger... he's continuing to improve, and has moved out of ICU!   He's now located in Domitilla... he had a stent placed today, and is recovering very well.   Visitors are certainly welcome!   Go Roger! Go Roger! Go Roger!

A reminder of what's coming up next is below... .

Saturday 7:15am - Marathon training long run from the RAC.  This is a great chance to run with others as you log the long miles!
Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders will get it going at a location TBD. Typically 5-8 miles.
Sunday 1pm:  The Snowshoe Crew invites you to attend a party at the Nepstads homestead!  We'll get out for some shoeing in all the fresh snow, and then settle into a clearing for a bonfire, music and fun!   Bring along some extra clothing so you can bundle up or change after snowshoeing, we'll make sure you warm clothes make it to the bonfire (you won't have to carry them).  The address and directions are still coming.. stay tuned! 
Monday 2/24  6pm:  Monday Maniacs will keep the party rolling with a 5-6 miler and some post run fun!
Tuesday 2/25 at 6pm:  Head to TerraLoco for a 5K for just $5... all proceeds will go to support Roger and family.  This is awesome that Brock and his team are doing such a thing.  More details to come as we approach the event.

  • Also awesome that the regularly scheduled group that was going to receive funds from the 2/25 run, were happy to slide out a week. Very nice.  Team R.E.D. member Erin is part of that group, Soldiers Wing SEMN - they send much needed supplies and blankets to our US soldiers who are deployed.  Great work!   
Thursday 2/27 at 6pm:  Team R.E.D. heads to Somerby in Byron for a Formal Affair!  It's Retro Prom night... and you should wear what you would wear if you were going to Prom back in the day you went to prom... for some of you it will be hard to remember, but you can do it!  It will be a fun night in formal wear... 

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