Monday, February 10, 2014

Awesome Volunteerism Team R.E.D.!

Nice work at the Team R.E.D. water stop for Lace Up Against Breast Cancer!   I also understand Steve, family and friends worked the other water stop.. and of course, other members were all over, at registration, finish line, course marshals and actually racing in the events!    You are all fantastic!

If you have not volunteered at a race, I would encourage you to consider.... it's an amazing feeling to support all those out trying to achieve either a time based goal, distance based goal, or to run in memory of someone.. very positive environment!

In the pic below I'd like to give a special Thank You to Katie!  She is pretty new to the running community, has been following Team R.E.D. and decided, "I should volunteer!".  She was full of  great energy and carrying the Team R.E.D. enthusiasm the entire time!  I hope we see more of Katie.

The rest of you were operating at your anticipated level of greatness, which is super fantastic, we can always count on you!  Yet, with that said, you get no special thank you.

The cold weather has nothing on this group! Great crew!   Don, Katie, Meagan, Tom, Christina, Renee, Dan, Lorelei... not pictured but super helpful is Dani! 
Below you'll see a couple Facebook comments regarding that water stop (and there were many comments).  The first a note from Race Director John.. (I have no idea why John thought he might have to use a get-out-of-jail card... no idea at all).

  • A big thank you to Team Red for another outstanding waterstop at LUABC. For some reason, people seem to remember your location--considering how shy and reserved you all are, I don't understand why. Oh, by-the-way, glad I didn't have use my get-out-of-jail card on O'Leary.
Debbie from the St Cloud River runners had this to say... 
  • Thanks for dancing with me! It was a great boost every time I went by you guys !!
There was a lot of dancing by Team R.E.D. (survival)... and runners, having fun in the moment!

After the volunteer gig.. a handful of members braved the chill again for snowshoeing!   It's so good!

The tough ones!  Negative 20 windchill doesn't stop a snowshoe event! 

There's a lot still going on this week.. check it out!

Tuesday 5:30pm:   Get on the track for some speed!   RCTC indoor track is the spot.   Remember, if you're ever looking for an indoor workout, the track is open to the public (and free!) weekdays from 6-8am and evenings from 5-10pm.
Tuesday 6pm:  Terraloco offers it's weekly 5K for charity!  Just $5 and you will help out a local organization.
Tuesday 6:15pm: The Tuesday Trail crew is going snowshoeing! Meet at Willow Creek Reservoir Park at 1400 Lone Pine Drive SW Rochester.  See the linked map for details as the signs are not very big!
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. has a home host!   Join us at Kim & Gail's place at 1017 8th Ave NW in  Byron for an opportunity to run, walk or snowshoe!   (if you want to try snowshoes, but don't have any, come anyway, and we'll loan you a set). 
  • The theme is Ugly Sweater.. get them out, I know you have them! 
  • Our hosts are providing pulled pork sandwiches, bring your own beverage and if you like, a dish to share. 

Saturday morning you can join the Camp Victory Ultimate Breakfast!  If you know Steve Dawson, you know he's passionate about Camp Victory and it's mission.   Come and have breakfast or volunteer to help by contacting Steve at 

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